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Solar Eclipse in Libra October 14 2023

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Solar Eclipse in Libra

[slide 2] NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE 21° LIBRA 07’ OCTOBER 14 @ 5:54 PM EDT This is a South Node Solar Eclipse, so get ready for big endings. Wherever you have Aries or Libra around 21° (or from 18 to 24°) is where you will find your ending. Look at 19 years ago (2004) to see where the eclipse ended something for you. This will be the same area of life that will be in focus for this Solar Eclipse. If you have Cardinal Points or Planets from 18 to 24 degrees, you will be super sensitive to this event. Do not miss my Bonus Eclipse Video on this one. You’ll need it.

This will involve Mercury, Mars, and Chiron as well as the Sun and Moon. Chiron is a healing energy but can also indicate a Trauma from the past. The Moon and Mars will be trining Saturn which is another indicator of Time. It may be the right time for something to end. Something that has matured or outlived its usefulness. [NEXT SLIDE]

Saturn speaks of the Father, restrictions, construction, constraints, but also focus, crystallization, determination, and purpose. At the same time, the Sun, Moon, and Mars all square Pluto, so anything that you are going through will be powerful, huge, and meaningful on the deeper levels of your life, not just the everyday/mundane types of things. Pluto will require a sacrifice, so this ending may not be all unicorns and rainbows. Saturn also speaks to this. Saturn very often will bring about things that cause depression or that cast a morose, sad pall over the event.

Keep in mind that often events set off by an Eclipse do not take place on the day of the eclipse. but they do come swiftly when they happen. It could happen one week or one month before or after the eclipse. Or it could happen much later when another planet triggers the event.


[SLIDE 5] SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY. Sun 21° Libra 07’, Mercury 17° Libra 10’

We are very subjective and creative under this Cassimi Mercury. We express our ideas eloquently and artistically. This an be a brilliant moment for an artist, or a time when there is too much mental stimulation for one to stand causing them to retreat. If you can muster the expression at this time, it will be very, very good.

[SLIDE 6] SUN SQUARE PLUTO. Sun 21° Libra 07’, Pluto 27° Capricorn 53’

With both Mercury and the Sun Squaring Pluto we are experiencing some powerful energy. This is when we will be hearing from opinionated, stubborn people expounding on their own hyperbolic theories which could be dangerous. For example, claims of a new ‘breakthrough’ in the Hunter Biden investigation, another claim of impropriety or even criminal activity on the part of one of the Judges in Trumps court cases, a horrible revelation about one of Trumps opponents in the Presidential race. Just something that someone can hype and use to scare people or make them angry. That’s going to be the result of both Sun and Mercury squaring Pluto for a couple of days. Buckle up.

[SLIDE 7] MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY. Moon 21° Libra 06’, Mercury 17° Libra 10’

We already have the Sun conjunct Mercury and Square Pluto, now let’s throw in the Moon and we have our Feelings. And because we are dealing with Pluto we have even more FEELINGS, because we just can’t help ourselves. Plus we want to talk about it. So whatever we are talking about, we are also going to tell everyone how we feel about it and we are going to feel things in an extreme way so everyone just make another cup of tea because things are going to spill.

[SLIDE 8] MOON SQUARE PLUTO. Moon 21° Libra 06’, Pluto 27° Capricorn 53’

Deep, deep feelings are expressed now and this may have a big impact on relationships and loved ones. We can’t help ourselves now, we just have to talk it out and let them know how we feel. Also, we are looking for explanations as to why we feel this way: psychology, occultism, alternate types of groups and lifestyles. Sometimes, we simply blame our partners for the way we are feeling. We are striving to accept ourselves as we are and often our relationships reflect that very well. In order to accept ourselves, we may need to make some adjustments in our relationships. That could mean the relationship grows or ends. After all this is an eclipse.

[SLIDE 9] VENUS SEXTILE MARS. Venus 5° Virgo 02’. Mars 1° Scorpio 44’

When feminine and masculine energies combine and get along it’s a beautiful thing. So this is going to be the silver lining for all those relationships out there that are able to grow rather than end things. Reach for these harmonious vibes with your partner and do what you can to salvage the relationship, but don’t ignore what needs to be done to save yourself.

[SLIDE 10] VENUS OPPOSING SATURN. Venus 5° Virgo 02’. Saturn 0° Pisces 52’ R

Practical Saturn will cause us to look at relationships, (all of them) and decide who will stay and who will go. An eclipse is not always a nice thing. Very often it is the push we need to make decisions that we know (deep down) are best for us. It’s not easy making changes, but the Universe pushes us along on our journey so that we can learn and grow. It may be painful but that’s part of the lesson. Without suffering there is no growth. You may find that you have to make a difficult decision regarding a loved one. In your head you know it’s the right thing to do, but in your heart, you may wish there was another way. There isn’t. Pull the plug.

[SLIDE 11] MARS TRINE SATURN. Mars 1° Scorpio 44’. Saturn 0° Pisces 52’ R

You will have unending energy for this task and it may require it. As you are working out the endings for this eclipse, you may need to do things more than once. Have you ever gone away for a nice Beach weekend only to end up confined to the house because of rain? Well, that’s what this is going to feel like. There is no getting away from it. Its like the grown ups are fighting and you are the kid trying to make them play nice. It’s probably not going to work, but you are trying anyway. Not your circus, but those monkeys are surely yours to deal with in the future. Make choices that benefit you because in the end, you are the only one who is responsible for you.

[SLIDE 12] MARS SQUARE PLUTO. Mars 1° Scorpio 44’, Pluto 27° Capricorn 53’

So much stubbornness and so much determination. If we apply this to the world, we will see the ending of a difficult situation that may require a little blowing up of things, a little violence or rough talk, but in the end it’s a kinder more humane ending. There will be a big sacrifice here, but the sacrifice has already been made. In fact, it may have been made long ago. Your actions today will not cause that sacrifice but may prevent future ones. Mars is in it’s traditional sign of Rulership, Scorpio, where it can be very war like. But Scorpio can also be the surgeon, using it’s tools to excise things that no longer work which is Pluto’s goal all along. See if you can’t get behind that kind of thinking so that you are not plagued with guilt about the cost. Human emotion will be high, but preventing human lives may be the ultimate reward. Tread carefully. On a personal note, this one may show that the ending of the relationships has an acrimonious argument to help it come to an end. Sometimes that’s the only way to make the break.

[SLIDE 13] URANUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE. Uranus 22° Taurus 13' R, Neptune 25° Pisces 36’ R

The Strong will help the week. With Taurus and Pisces in the mix, the stronger party will acquiesce to the other party and allow them to exit with some grace. It may seem like a bolt from the blue, and it is divinely guided.

[SLIDE 14] URANUS TRINE PLUTO’ Uranus 22° Taurus 13' R, Pluto 27° Capricorn 53’

There is a sense of duty here, of fulfilling ones destiny, of speaking to ones’ Higher Self and going with the flow of Divine Guidance. Ultimately, this huge change brought about by the Eclipse may also bring about some personal transformation that is needed on a very deep level. Whatever happens, be grateful for your blessings and know that when you walk with Angels, you are protected in all ways, even if it hurts a lot.

[SLIDE 15] Neptune Sextile Pluto. Neptune 25° Pisces 26’ R, Pluto 27° Capricorn 53’

This beautiful sextile has been with us for all of 2023. This supports all diplomatic efforts for our country (it connects with the US chart very well).

Predictions for all the signs

ARIES: Moon & Sun in 7th House Rel all important now. Chance to grow closer but are you both ready? The Universe is challenging you to be in the right relationship for what you need to do with your life. This is not a rehearsal, this is your life, so pay attention. LIBRA: Moon & Sun in 1st H. Could be extremely uncomfortable for you if you cannot see what needs to be done. Your focus should be on yourself right now. Take your cues from the Universe and move with it. Remaining status quo will not work now and if you resist the change, the Universe will flip you on your head and force it on you. Better to be holding the reins than being dragged by them. TAURUS: Moon & Sun in 8th House. Joint fin. Very imp. Now. Plans have changed and things need to be adjusted. Also intimacy issues should be addressed. SCORPIO: Moon & Sun in 2nd H. Your talents and resources are getting a major upgrade. Don’t miss the opportunities that are waiting for you. GEMINI: Moon & Sun in 9th House. Time for looking at your plans for the future: are you publishing? Traveling? Going back to school? Your life is changing and you need to change with it. SAGITTARIUS: Moon & Sun in 3rd H. Your favorite thing: New Ideas! You may have a desire for a change of scene or travel but there is nothing new about that for you. Dig deeper into why you want to do these things and try out a new method for doing them. CANCER: Moon & Sun in 10th House. A major career change may be forced on you. You may still have commitment to an old dream but it is time to move on. CAPRICORN: Moon & Sun in 4th H. Your home situation is getting a drastic makeover. You could be adding to your family, selling your home, getting married or moving far away. Big Changes for you. LEO: Moon & Sun in 11th House. You may not be ready for what’s coming, but the Universe is lifting you out of your normal life and placing you into an exciting opportunity. If you say no, you may regret it. AQUARIUS: Moon & Sun in 5th H. Take a look around you and see all the Fun and exciting opportunities being offered right now. Your ability to relax and have fun needs an upgrade and your kids need a vacation with you. VIRGO: Moon & Sun in 12th House. Look deeply into your inner desires, your dreams; there are things in your subconscious that need to be examined. Try to allow yourself the time and space needed to journey within. PISCES: Moon & Sun in 6th H. The Worklife is changing in dramatic ways. Perhaps the company is changing, or perhaps you are doing major lifestyle changes but everything is up in the air for your day to day life.

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