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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / How do I get my reading?

When you book your appointment on the website, be sure to schedule the reading for an appropriate amount of time for The Cool Crone to prepare (i.e., if you book an Astrology Chart Appointment, schedule the appointment for 2-3 weeks in the future to allow for prep time of your chart). will send you an email with the online meeting link for the date and time you selected.

2 / Why do you need so much information for my astrology forecast?

The Astrology Charts use the exact date, time and place of birth to provide you with planetary alignments and other pertinent details.  The chart cannot be created without it.  Please note, I know this information is personally identifiable.  It is never sold and it is stored securely for approximately 30 days and then it is deleted.

3 / Do you offer anything else?

Depending upon individual circumstances, I can modify any of my offerings to meet a client's needs.

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