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Tarot Cards
Colleen Pearl has extensive experience in the following disciplines:
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Astonomical Clock
Fortune Telling Cards LENORMAND-IMAGE.jpg


Whether you are looking for your astrological birth chart (natal chart) or a future forecast, The Cool Crone can create your chart and explain it to you.


Card Readings

Using a variety of Tarot Cards, The Cool Crone skillfully builds a reading that will provide insights into your questions and options.  There are several types of card readings available to choose from.



Mandala Whole Life Reading

Using the Voyager Deck, The Cool Crone will help you explore the rhythms and challenges of your life.  This offering requires deep introspection!


Cosmic Clairvoyance and Life Regression Readings

Using her intuitive skills, The Cool Crone will provide you with a divinely guided journey to a past life to resolve a current life issue or discover mastery information.  Not quite ready for a past life journey, then enjoy Colleen's mediumship for gathering information from your Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.


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