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Colleen Pearl – The Cool Crone

Colleen Pearl Trusler (AKA The Cool Crone) is a Professional Astrologer, Psychic, Card Reader and First Degree Nashmutian Priestess.

She delivers expert Astrological and Tarot readings to people all over the world.  She is sought after for her infamous Egyptian “Crack” card readings which are both entertaining and tremendously insightful. 

She has traveled extensively and spent time reading Tarot in Europe and several cities in the U.S.  Today she is a practicing Witch and Light Worker having studied many spiritual and metaphysical subjects:  Crystals, Stones, Angels, Fairies, Past Lives, and Qabalah are all topics that Colleen weaves into her psychic counseling. 

She teaches Astrology and Tarot and is available for readings through her website.  Colleen lives in New Jersey with her youngest daughter and two cats, Mabb and Nyxx.

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