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November 2023 Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini

  1. The Full Moon which will occur at 4° Gemini 51’ November 27, 4:16 a.m. EST, will be very powerful due to a T Square between Venus conjuncting and opposing the Nodes and squaring Pluto. Right there is some powerful energy that will involve Women.  Now, the connection with Pluto is wide, so I’m guessing we will feel this a few days prior to the Full Moon. The Sun is still conjunct Mars, as it was during the New Moon but now the Sun is also squaring Saturn which brings in serious thinking. This creates another T Square in the chart between the Sun, Moon and Saturn. Jupiter R creates a quincunx with the Sun and a sextile with Saturn. Without the squares to Saturn, I would say that this is positive, but with them I’ll say that Jupiter is just going to expand the whole mess and complicate things.

What we find for this lunation is a lot of conflicted energy and a feeling of being blocked in our efforts. Mind you, your efforts may be to try to influence or even manipulate people to buy in to your beliefs or way of life. In which case, there is probably a good reason to have that block in place. Think of it as a safety valve for everyone involved. As you listen to the descriptions of the various planetary aspects to this moon, you will see that if everyone got their way here, we might not like the results.

Moon in Gemini

  1. Male

  1. Air

  1. Mutable

  1. Mercury

What are people with Moon in Gemini like?

  1. Charming and Quarrelsome

  1. Curious and Unpredictable

  1. Savvy and Shallow

  1. Kind and Callous

People with moon in Gemini often have many hobbies and interests, they love to talk, so they frequently gravitate towards careers that allow them to do so. Gemini’s are social, love to be up on the latest trends and often do work with their hands (Mercury rules the hands) What happens when we have a Full Moon in Gemini? When the Moon Transits Gemini we find ourselves craving something quick and usually something that is a change of pace from normal everyday patterns. You may be reluctant to share your feelings now except with those you know and trust. There is that talkative factor, so if you can talk your way through something, you will and this will make you feel more comfortable, as long as you are not talking about your feelings. The quicksilver nature of this Mercurial sign may cause you to flit from one person to the next without forming a solid bond, or you may go from one project to the next without finishing any of them. The more you can engage in forms of communication that you love, be it social media or hand writing a journal, the better you will feel during the transiting of Moon in Gemini. Full Moon is for…

  • Culmination/Peak

  • Yin/Yang energy

  • Forces you to deal with unresolved issues

  • Shines a light on darkness

  • Let go of negative patterns, toxic thoughts

  • Release wasted emotions:

  • Guilt

  • Fear

  • Jealousy

  • Disappointment


Jupiter in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus

Neptune in Pisces

Planetary Aspects to Full Moon

Sun Opposition Moon

Sun 4° Sag 51’, Moon 4° Gemini 51’

On every Full Moon we feel the pull (or resistance) between our Egos and Individuality, versus our emotions and feelings. The conflict caused from this is usually expressed between our family members and most particularly between us and family members of the opposite sex. The Full Moon in Gemini highlights the differences between Sagittarius and Gemini: Sag is very direct, optimistic, honest which can at times be refreshing to witness, but sometimes hurtful because they are so frank in their speech. Gemini is representing our feelings here (the Moon) and is curious with a lighter energy than Sag, giving our feelings less depth and more a childlike approach to things going on around us. Also, the curiosity that both signs share, can blend harmoniously to create a love of the subjects discussed.

Sun Conjunct Mars

Sun 4° Sag 51’, Mars 2° Sag 40’

There is so much energy here. The Sun is robust in Sagittarius but sometimes thoughtless or too impulsive and certainly the Sun emphasizes the fiery nature of Sagittarius. So, it may feel a bit out of control here with no guard rails but rather a lot of enthusiasm for whatever Mars is directing its attention to. Mars in Sag will throw itself equally into a debate or a battle. This could auger a fight or robust exploration.

Sun Square Saturn

Sun 4° Sag 51’, Saturn 0° Pisces 58’

Again we have this square of the Sun and Saturn, which we have experienced several times in the last few months on a lunation. This is why many of our lunations have had particularly volatile aspects but did not result in all out wars or battles except for the week prior to the Solar Eclipse in October which is when the war between Israel and Hamas broke out. It’s not uncommon for Eclipse energy to make it’s mark one month, one week or one day prior to an event. And so it was in this case. But truly there has been so much volatile energy surrounding the last few months lunations, that I’m not surprised that some kind of conflict actually occurred.

Thank goodness for Saturn in Pisces who is going to demand kindness, compassion and action from the rest of the world. And during this time we could also have a different kind of battle taking place. Pisces represents foreign places and things, also secrets, our subconcious, manipulation, fantasy and delusion. So we could be ignorant of what is going on behind the scenes. There could be a lot of negotiations taking place behind closed doors and it could be directed by delusional individuals who are manipulating those around them. IOW a lot of gaslighting could be going on that we don’t even know about.

Moon Opposition Mars

Moon 4° Gemini 51’

Mars 2° Sag 40’

The pressure we feel from Moon opposition Mars causes us to react in many ways. Most of them, not so nice . Some of us may just be very tense and lash out verbally towards others, but some may completely cave in to the things they feel pressured about, and become ruthless in their quest to alleviate their own pressure, while placing pressure on others. This aspect very likely brings out the manipulation in the Gemini Moon and the aggressive behavior of Mars in Sag.

Moon Square Saturn

Moon 4° Gemini 51’, Saturn 0° Pisces 58’

Repressing our emotions is the classic result of the Moon square Saturn, but let’s look at the Signs involved here. The Moon in Gemini, does not express things emotionally except in a slightly superficial way. Moon in Gemini is more likely to get wrapped up in what they like and express joy when they get what they want. Also, when speaking with others, they will express happiness and joy about others, but they do not express deep emotions that reflect what they are feeling. Saturn in Pisces which is a very emotional sign, is reigned in by Saturn but will still express compassion and try to create structures that will help the unfortunate. Saturn in Pisces is also the devotee who is very disciplined in their daily or religious habits. These two planets in these signs would seem to create a situation where some may pretend to be impressed or influenced by an organization or structure that promises to help others, but the interest would be insincere. So, I’m thinking that during this Full Moon along with the gaslight of the previous aspect, there will be more fake support for whatever is being offered by those in authority.

Moon Trine Pluto

Moon 4° Gemini 51’, Pluto 28° Capricorn 25’

This aspect ramps up emotions and causes people to be very intense about their beliefs. Opinions may cause quarrels and conflicts, but here again, we have the threat of manipulation, controlling others and even psychological warfare; something we have not spoken about much since the Cold War.

Moon in Gemini is fairly unemotional, and coupled with the intensity of Pluto, which is still in Capricorn, could cause certain organizations (or even individuals) to behave with cold and calculating cruelty. The headlines will tell some, but we may not know about any of these shenanigans until much later.

Mercury Sextile Venus

Mercury 24° Sag 40’, Venus 21° Libra 22’

Mercury in Sag sextile to Venus in Libra brings about some devastating charm. You will witness (and perhaps be the recipient of) an extreme charm offensive. It will be mostly harmless, but you should be aware that we will all be susceptible to this overload of charm and politeness during the Full Moon in Gemini. Now couple that with the manipulation and gaslighting of the other aspects and what do you get? Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy!

Mercury Square Neptune

Mercury 24° Sag 40’, Neptune 24° Pisces 54’

This aspect could end up being very healthy for the U.S. It is possible that the combination of Sag and Pisces here could cause many people to wake up from their Cult Coma and begin to see the truth of their situation. Of course, this could also bring about even more lies and deception when people feel cornered by their previous lies and coverups. So, I hope that the first premise is what takes place, but I’m realistic enough to know that some of the latter premise will also be happening.

Mars Square Saturn

Mars 2° Sag 40’, Saturn 0° Pisces 58’

This aspect will show certain individuals giving up and abandoning projects due to obstacles that they perceive getting in their way. Whether this is true or not, no amount of badgering is going to make these people finish what they start. Both planets are in Mutable signs which can be notorious for not getting things done. Hopefully, these individuals can use this as an opportunity to learn a lesson about taking on unrealistic tasks or something like that.

Mars Sextile Pluto

Mars 2° Sag 40’, Pluto 28° Capricorn 25’

The power of Mars is given a super boost from Pluto, even though they are in signs that usually do not result in a sextile aspect. Mars is at the very beginning of Sag and Pluto is at the very end of Capricorn. It will influence people who are sensitive to this aspect to gain control over themselves, but also to gain control over others (manipulation). So you may find a few individuals actually wrapping up a long term project but don’t be surprised if they have other people doing all their dirty work.

Venus Opp North Node, Conjunct South Node

Venus 21° Libra 22’, North Node 22° Aries 42’

This can indicate the end of a relationship, and coupled with the influence of Pluto it can be pretty intense and powerful. This could also foreshadow the end of a relationship pattern. As I look at the chart of the US overlaid with the Full Moon, I see that Venus is falling in the 10th House for the US, which would indicate females but also highly public, highly visible females or Female allies. I’m going to say that the US will be saying goodbye to the way we relate to a female or a female country. Given that this is happening on a Full Moon and covering the 10th House of the US Chart, it will be public and highly visible.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Neptune 24° Pisces 54’, Pluto 28° Capricorn 25’

This is our friendly diplomatic aspect which has been in effect throughout 2023. This harmonious energy helps diplomats and lawmakers to create peace treaties, win-win resolutions and transformations on a global scale.


Julianne Moore, December 3, 1960, Fayetteville, NC 17:53

Julie Anne Smith (born December 3, 1960), known professionally as Julianne Moore, is an American actress. Prolific in film since the early 1990s, she is particularly known for her portrayals of emotionally troubled women in independent films, as well as for her roles in blockbusters. She is the recipient of numerous accolades, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and two Emmy Awards.

Because of her father's occupation, Moore frequently moved around the United States as a child. She was close with her family as a result, but says she never had the feeling of coming from one particular place.[1][5] The family lived in multiple locations, including Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Panama, Nebraska, Alaska, New York, and Virginia, and Moore attended nine different schools.[11] The constant relocating made her an insecure child, and she struggled to establish friendships.[2][5] In spite of these difficulties, Moore later remarked that an itinerant lifestyle was beneficial to her future career: "When you move around a lot, you learn that behavior is mutable. I would change, depending on where I was ... It teaches you to watch, to reinvent, that character can change."[12]

When Moore was sixteen, the family moved from Falls Church, Virginia, where Moore was attending Justice High School, to Frankfurt, West Germany, where she attended Frankfurt American High School.[5][11] She was clever and studious, a self-proclaimed "good girl", and she planned to become a doctor.[4] She had never considered performing, or even attended the theater,[11] but she was an avid reader and it was this hobby that led her to begin acting at the school.[1][13] Moore appeared in several plays, including Tartuffe and Medea, and with the encouragement of her English teacher, she chose to pursue a theatrical career.[14] Her parents supported her decision, but asked that she train at university to provide the added security of a college degree.[4] She was accepted into Boston University and graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre.[14]

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