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November Astrology 2023



Saturn going direct this month will encourage things in a more serious direction. We will feel this happening right from the beginning although he won’t actually station direct until November 4th. Extreme emotions, opinions and impulsiveness are with us most of the month, especially in the beginning. Fortunately, we have some beautiful aspects from Neptune and Venus to calm things down and lend focus on creativity, art, children, women and healing.

While Mercury is near the end of Scorpio we see the brilliant mental gymnastics of that sign on display. However, just before the New Moon we could have some real fireworks, either huge natural disasters or man made ones.

The New Moon on the 13th is combative and could signal some new conflicts or the outbreak of aggression in some existing situations. Diplomats and/or First Responders will do their best to sort things out but will be ineffectual in their efforts. More experienced voices will work on making long term plans to avoid future disasters altogether.

Intense energy hovers over the entire month and we will go into the Full Moon with a few bees in our bonnets. I’ll cover the Full Moon in a separate video where I can give predictions for all signs. PLANETARY INGRESSES FOR NOVEMBER

  • Nov. 8 Venus enters Libra

  • Nov. 10 Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • Nov. 22 Sun enters Sagittarius

  • Nov. 24 Mars enters Sagittarius









  1. OCT 31; VENUS TRINE URANUS, Venus 22° Virgo 02’, Uranus, 21° Taurus 37’ R

New friendships or even relationships may form under this aspect. Or just some really fun social events. You’ll find that the change of pace under this one keeps you entertained and laughing. There will be a comforting aspect to this energy that makes you feel like you can trust the new people in your life. Even if they only stay for a brief while, enjoy their company. You may also feel your own personal attractiveness is boosted at this time.

  1. NOV 2 SUN OPPOSING JUPITER (2 DAYS), Sun 9° Scorpio 17’, Jupiter 10° Taurus 40’ R

Some of the anarchists of our society will come out for this one. People with extreme attitudes and beliefs will be spouting them for all to hear. They may even get a little rowdy about it. They are committed to their causes and even willing to sacrifice for them, but in the end, it is temporary and they go back under their rocks. During this aspect though, they may rile up enough people to do some damage, so watch yourself.

  1. NOV 3 VENUS OPPOSING NEPTUNE (2 DAYS), Venus 24° Virgo 11’, Neptune 25° Pisces 11’ R

This is tremendously romantic and sentimental, but tossing the energy between Virgo and Pisces means that it most likely will not be acted upon but will stay in the fantasy realm. Where I’m worried about this one is if it is combined with the Jupiter opposition energy and dredges up people who are willing to sacrifice for their cause. These sentimental feelings may give fuel to their fire and make an impact.

  1. MERCURY OPPOSING URANUS (2 DAYS), Mercury 18° Scorpio 50’, Uranus 21° Taurus 30’ R

This aspect brings extreme opinions and an impulse for independence. So Q fans here we go! The desire to convince others of our way-out ideas is strong during this one, meaning that people will not let go until they feel they have won the argument. No ability to compromise and an extreme desire to push the limits will probably cause many discussions to become very heated. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

  1. WEEK 2 NOV. 6 - 12

Nov. 6 Mercury Trine Neptune. MERCURY 23° SCORPIO 29’, NEPTUNE 25° PISCES 08’r (in eff. From 11/5 to 11/10)

This will be an excellent time for healers, energy workers and those who perform divination. The mind in Scorpio is very keen and able to comprehend complex issues, bringing concepts together in what may be unique ways. In the sign of Scorpio, this blending of energies will be powerful for healing, creativity, communicating secret or highly specialized information and also creating fantastical art. Actually, any kind of Art would benefit from this aspect, not just fantasy. Inspiration and high energetic transmissions will happen under this aspect. For those sensitive to these degrees (20 to 28 degrees of water signs), you will experience a beautiful 5 day period where you are in tuned psychically, inspired spiritually and possibly professionally. This will also be a fantastic period for romantic couples who choose to take their relationship to a new level. Or who are trying to conceive more children. Remember, you were warned!

Venus Trine Pluto. VENUS 27° VIRGO 24’, PLUTO 28° CAPRICORN 03’ (from 11/6 to 11/10)

Venus doesn’t love being in Virgo, but there are many benefits for those who have this aspect Natally. When Venus is in the meticulous and service oriented sign of Virgo, she epitomizes the self-sacrificing mother or nanny who makes their charges the center of their world. When you combine this harmoniously with the Intensity of Pluto in the sign of Responsibility, you have a beautiful aspect. here we see Parents making sacrifices for their children, Siblings taking care of their other siblings, Grandparents either caring for the grandchildren or being cared for by their own offspring. Loving, Nurturing, extremely responsible and caring energy will be expended on those we love and who truly need our help. Lasting about 5 days, this could be a period where such an arrangement is set up, meaning that this aspect could be a hallmark of that relationship (beautiful!). Another wonderful consequence of this could be brilliant investments, lovely pay offs from past investments, or investments in the health or beauty industries. Pluto in Capricorn representing the larger organization or investment house and Venus in Virgo being the Venus industry. In Virgo, this would mean health incorporating beauty or things like household cleaning, childcare, organizational tools, educational tools and even things like gardening or the production of plant medicines or alternative healing modalities.

Nov. 8 Mercury sextile Pluto. MERCURY 26° SCORPIO 33’, PLUTO 28° CAPRICORN 04’

This lends strength to the previous Pluto aspect, where Mercury gets the word out, speaks about the benefits of Venus Trine Pluto, but also gives power to the people working on this. Their voices will be more adamant in protecting their charges. Mercury also rules children, so given the strength and intensity of Pluto, we will see people standing up for and advocating ferociously for children. This will last from 11/7 to 11/11. Plenty of time to bring about some headlines about those precious children who are still missing from the Texas border from when Big Orangino was in office, or perhaps some progress on retrieving the many children who were captured by Russia out of Ukraine. That would be a huge blessing.

Nov. 10 Mercury square Saturn. MERCURY 29° SCORPIO 36’, SATURN 0° PISCES 32’

I love this energy of Mercury in Scorpio because it allows that razor sharp, keen intellect to be recognized and given the respect it deserves. Squaring Saturn is never the preferred position for anyone, least of all Mercury, but at least Scorpio and Pisces soften Saturn and the blending of the 2 water signs allows for some healing or the intellectual attention to healing, creativity, spirituality, etc. Mercury will be challenged by Saturn to expose or work on issues dealing with all those things that Pisces and Scorpio represent together as water signs. Intuition, healing, etc. Scorpios love keeping secrets, and Pisces spend so much time hiding things that, I think, they are good secret keepers, too. So we may not get the whole story about this until much later, as the identities of people will be protected.

Nov. 11 Mars opp Uranus. MARS 20° SCORPIO 31’, URANUS 21° TAURUS 10’ R

Mars in Scorpio is a unique energy. Mars is so strong in Scorpio that you might think that it would totally dominate this aspect with Uranus, but NO, Uranus in Taurus is likewise strong. The energies between these two is unpredictable, which could easily cause conflict between humans who are sensitive to these degrees (17 to 23° of any fixed sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. The water AND earth signs will not feel this in the same way.)

Mars in Scorpio is the sneak attack, Uranus in Taurus is the chaotic and electric plunder of earth energy (e.g., exploding mountains, extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes, etc.). So, do the math. This could bring about an attack of some kind or a natural disaster of large proportions. We need to be aware that these things are becoming more common and we need to be ready to help. This aspect will also affect our emotions, so we may find people falling victim to the emotional play between Scorpio and Taurus. Scorpio doing the sneaking and ultimately taunting of Taurus and Taurus finally giving way to anger and moving a Mountain to punish Scorpio. This is not play time. This is very serious and the energies are likewise serious. So be careful during this time, especially if you have planets and points in those sensitive degrees.

  1. WEEK 3 NOV. 13-19

NOV. 13 NEW MOON IN SCORPIO: SUN & MOON @ 20° SCORPIO 43 NEW MOON ASPECTS: All the Aspects for this New Moon will involve the Moon if they involve the Sun, so everytime I’m saying Sun aspecting another planet, realize that there is also the emotional, highly emotional, Scorpio Moon influencing it as well. The planetary aspects for the New Moon will dominate the entire week, so let’s look at these in depth:

Nov 13 Sun conjunction Mars. SUN 20° SCORPIO 43, MARS 22° SCORPIO 11’

This is a conjunction about fighting, exploring and research. There is a lot of energy here which has to be expended somewhere. Wherever there are disagreements or needs left unmet, we will see fighting. This could bring about a new military conflict between two parties or two countries. But conflict and fighting there will be.

Sun opp. Uranus. SUN 20° SCORPIO 20’, URANUS 21° TAURUS 05’ R

This aspect is the bookend to Sun conjunct Mars: You have idealism, selfishness and eccentricity, combining with a deep need to defend one's independence and freedom. Consideration of others' rights, freedoms and needs does not enter into the equation. Parties will feel that they are in the right and therefore justified in fighting to defend their position. This is also an aspect bringing extremism into the open. There is an emotional quality to this one when combined with Mars. Unfortunately, Mars is also involved with an aspect with Neptune, so delusion about one's ideals, heroes, or even the idea of becoming a Martyr is rampant. There is a restless energy here, moodiness, a need to act out and become active and physical. Not a happy or pretty picture if you love peace and order.

Sun Trine Neptune. SUN 20° SCORPIO 20’, NEPTUNE 25° PISCES 02’ R

While this does encourage one to reminisce about the good old days, there is a lack of direction or order to their activities. This is a harmonious aspect and can encourage charitable engagement, however, most people will just want to experience creativity and a pleasant day.

Mercury sextile Venus. MERCURY 4° SAG 41’, VENUS 5° LIBRA 03’

Enjoyment of other people, social activities and good manners will rule the day. Also, good for education and relationships that remain cordial. Some may be sensitive under this aspect which only enhances polite conversation and attention to others’ feelings. So now we feel the influence of Mercury in Sagittarius. This is a much more impulsive Mercury which does not filter things nearly so much as Scorpio. The Sag Mercury may blurt out what they are honestly thinking but with the Venus influence it will just be an over the top compliment, rather than a big faux pas.

Mercury square Saturn, MERCURY 4° SAG 07, SATURN 0° PISCES 35’

Intellect turns towards serious planning over large spaces or for other countries. The idea of foreign plans is hinted at here. (Sag & Pisces). These plans will be challenging to formulate.

Mars Trine Neptune, MARS 22° SCORPIO 11’, NEPTUNE 25° PISCES 02’ R

Neptune sparks idealism under its connection with Mars. If there are conflicts due to defending one's idealism, we may find a fantasy or deluded response to the outcome or hopes for the project. Extremists will claim victory before it’s secured, idealists will believe they can never lose, etc. Not great when it comes to a realistic vision of war, conflict and what one wants to achieve. But then again, most people who start wars are not usually realistic people.

Uranus Sextile Neptune. URANUS 21° TAURUS 05’ R, NEPTUNE 25° PISCES 02’ R

The need for meaning in ones’ life will be encouraged. Unfortunately, this need will be pushed to the back of the mind if people become too absorbed by fanaticism or extreme ideas. Keep your fingers crossed that this aspect returns when the conflict is resolved and we need help keeping the peace.

Neptune Sextile Pluto. NEPTUNE 25° PISCES 02’ R, PLUTO 28 CAPRICORN 09’

Peace making can be paramount in leaders' minds. This aspect has been with us all of 2023 and continues to support most peace making and diplomatic efforts.

  1. WEEK 4 NOV. 20-26

Nov. 20 Sun conjunct Mars. Sun 28° Scorpio 17’, Mars 27° Scorpio 29’

Repeat of NM aspect, this energy just keeps giving us the disruptive energy that we felt last week.

Sun and Mars sextile Pluto. Sun 28° Scorpio 18’, Mars 28° Scorpio 11’, Pluto 28° Capricorn 17’

The Sun in Scorpio just becomes way more Scorpio under this aspect. Organizations that are strong will be stronger. Things that are corrupt or are built upon false promises or shaky concepts will be shaken or revealed. Scorpios who have their sun at 25 to the end of scorpio will find they feel very powerful and this will give a boost to their annual review of their life for the year.

Energy will be intense here and give individuals the oomph they need to finish up projects, especially ones that are performed solo or in secret. Scorpio loves a secret and Capricorn loves to say ‘I did it myself’ so you will get an intense boost on these things while Mars is sextile Pluto.

Nov. 22 – 24 Sun and Mars square Saturn, Sun 0° Sag 18’, Mars 0° Sag 19’, Saturn 0° Pisces 48’ We doubt ourselves quite a bit under this transit (and by the way, who is keeping score? You are making this up in your head, most other people are not watching you and grading you on your ability to do things, grow up and get over it, this is not a game). If we can get past the self doubt, we can accomplish quite a bit and have the persistence and focus to do so. So get out of your head, review past deeds if necessary, and get down to business during this transit. Mars joins this aspect on the 24th and lends even more energy to this equation, although you might also find yourself a wee bit testy over the questions of others. Work alone during this transit, or school yourself to keep your head down and don’t get into an argument over what you are trying to do.

  1. NOVEMBER 27, FULL MOON 4° GEMINI 51’ @ 4:16 A.M. EST

  1. After the Full Moon there are no other aspects to speak of until December.

  1. For the Full Moon itself, I’m just going to say that it will be powerful Full Moon which involves a T Square between Venus conjuncting and opposing the Nodes and squaring Pluto. Right there is some powerful energy that will involve Women. The Sun is still conjunct Mars, as it was during the New Moon but now the Sun is also squaring Saturn which brings in serious thinking. This creates another T Square in the chart between the Sun, Moon and Saturn. Jupiter R creates a quincunx with the Sun and a sextile with Saturn. Without the squares to Saturn, I would say that this is positive, but with them I’ll say that Jupiter is just going to expand the whole mess and complicate things. Ouch!

  1. So, that’s it for me for the astrology of November 2023, I’m so glad you watched till the end. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful month, happy Thanksgiving to all and I’ll see you next time.

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