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October Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


The Full Moon Lunar eclipse is the last in the sign of Taurus. It is a North Node eclipse and so will herald a beginning. Eclipses always usher in or out a chapter of our lives. So be ready for this change. Wherever you have fixed points or planets in your chart from 3 to 8 degrees you will feel it. Again, look back to 2004 to see which area of life this eclipse will alter. Mars and Jupiter will be involved with this eclipse so you will have a tug of war between your impulse to fight and your impulse to rule. Jupiter with the Moon in Taurus will bring about feelings of comfort. You will enjoy great comfort, but Mars opposing will cause stress, strife and possibly a fight. The change that comes about from this eclipse wil not involve Pluto, thank goodness, so there will not be a huge sacrifice, however, you may feel deeply wounded in the aftermath. I do not like the configuration of Mars facing off with Jupiter. The bruising from this event will not cause permanent damage, Venus will see to that, but there may be some bruised egos, as well as some noses out of joint afterwards. I’d say that after this one, you may need some time to recover. As you do, you’ll begin to see that everything worked out for the best, even if it was a little painful for you.


SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY. Sun 5° Scorpio 09’, Mercury 10° Scorpio 42’

We are very subjective and creative under this Cassimi Mercury. We express our ideas eloquently and artistically. This can be a brilliant moment for an artist, or a time when there is too much mental stimulation for one to stand causing you to retreat. If you can stand it and muster your creative expression at this time, it will be very, very good.

*same as new moon except now we are in Scorpio

SUN CONJUNCT MARS. Sun 5° Scorpio 09’, Mars 11° Scorpio 22’

There is a lot of energy here and it usually means fighting. Depending upon the other aspects, in Scorpio it could be covert or strategic fighting, but nevertheless fighting. Lot’s of confidence, so parties on both sides are convinced they are in the right.

SUN OPPOSITE JUPITER. Sun 5° Scorpio 09’, Jupiter 11°Taurus 14’ R

Idealism and support for dubious movements or ideas that’s what this aspect brings. People will cling to their chosen idol and fight on for them either with words or swords. No ease or backing down, but they will be adamant.

SUN TRINE SATURN. Sun 5° Scorpio 09’, Saturn 0° Pisces 32’ R

This gives staying power to those who are working hard on their cause. They will be very responsible, but unfortunately may lack confidence in their own abilities, this means with the aspect to Jupiter, they will imbue their idols with even more power and power over them. More reasons to support the idol and believe anything they say.

SUN SQUARE PLUTO. Sun 5° Scorpio 09’, Pluto 27° Capricorn 58’

With both Mercury and the Sun Squaring Pluto we are experiencing some powerful energy. This is when we will be hearing from opinionated, stubborn people expounding on their own hyperbolic theories which could be dangerous. For example, claims of a new ‘breakthrough’ in the Hunter Biden investigation, another claim of impropriety or even criminal activity on the part of one of the Judges in Trumps court cases: Just something that someone can hype and use to scare people or make them angry. That’s going to be the result of both Sun and Mercury squaring Pluto for a couple of days. Buckle up.

MOON OPPOSITION MERCURY. Moon 5° Taurus 08’, Mercury 10° Scorpio 42’

Memory issues and gossip. Given all the aspects I’ve already mentioned, we may have a narly gossip problem here. People will forget what they said previously but they will be happy to spread rumors even if they are not true. So, this does not help the public arena because they don’t know what to believe. Again, the Jupiter and Mars aspects will fuel more fire and cause people to want to come to blows to show that they believe their fearless leader. Ouch!

MOON OPPOSITION MARS. Moon 5° Taurus 08’, Mars 11° Scorpio 22’

Ruthlessness and indecision cause emotional tension among many people and groups. Conflicts at home, more tension, manipulating others with bossy tactics cause more and more conflict in the public square.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER. Moon 5° Taurus 08’, Jupiter 11°Taurus 14’ R

Two camps emerge under this one: Kind Generous hosts who help others and house/feed them with no thought of reward //or very demanding people requiring homage and special treatment. No bueno for our contentious political scene.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN. Moon 5° Taurus 08’, Saturn 0° Pisces 32’ R

This gives a little bit of emotional stability. But it can also curb the imagination. Which may be a good thing given the other aspects surrounding this eclipse. Let’s hold off on judging this one and just be thankful that Saturn is stepping in to level things out and calm the waters.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO. Moon 5° Taurus 08’, Pluto 27° Capricorn 58’

Deep, deep feelings are expressed now and this may have a big impact on relationships and loved ones. We can’t help ourselves now, we just have to talk it out and let them know how we feel. Also, we are looking for explanations as to why we feel this way: psychology, occultism, alternate types of groups and lifestyles. Sometimes, we simply blame our partners for the way we are feeling. We are striving to accept ourselves as we are and often our relationships reflect that very well. In order to accept ourselves, we may need to make some adjustments in our relationships. That could mean the relationship grows or ends. After all this is an eclipse.

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS. Mercury 10° Scorpio 42’, Mars 11° Scorpio 22’

Plans of war are afoot! If you are sensitive to this one, you may find yourself plotting and planning, creating a master minde design for some very secret plans. You could be planning a renovation of something like a relationships or your retirement, but you will be planning and plotting something. Out in the mundane world we may find that more plots like the J6 event could be underway. Not that they will be executed, but the plans may be under construction. You may find that the combination of Mercury and Mars in the sign of Scorpio are irresistible and that you simply must put pen to paper and make your play.

MERCURY OPPOSITE JUPITER. Mercury 10° Scorpio 42’, Jupiter 11°Taurus 14’ R

Extremist theories, extreme thinking, people going off on a tangent. With the rest of the zany stuff going on, this does not help.

VENUS TRINE URANUS. Venus 18° Virgo 48’, Uranus 21 Taurus° 42’ R

Constant change, a need for the new, an easily bored personae, although this is usually a very harmonious and innocuous aspect, given what else is going on, it could push emotions over to the extreme side.

VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE. Venus 18° Virgo 48’, Neptune 25° Pisces 17’ R

The power of emotions under this aspect may cause some to make bad choices or become involved in difficult situations. Fantasy usually plays a role when Neptune is involved, and in this case, their lack of initiative may actually work in their favor. This can also cause some to become a bit lazy when working on a relationship. However, for artistic pursuits this aspect is fantastic and leads to inspired fantastical creations.

MARS OPPOSITE JUPITER. Mars 11° Scorpio 22’, Jupiter 11°Taurus 14’ R

People may have extreme reactions to issues in the news . Reckless actions may lead to long lasting consequences. The desire to HOLD ON TO property, money and power can be irresponsible and irresistible. Others may react to this aspect by focusing on idealistic movements and groups. Some may just want to take an exciting vacation. 😊

URANUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE. Uranus 21° Taurus 42’ R, Neptune 25° Pisces 17’ R

The Strong will help the weak. With Taurus and Pisces in the mix, the stronger party will acquiesce to the other party and allow them to exit with some grace. It may seem like a bolt from the blue, and it is divinely guided.

URANUS TRINE PLUTO. Uranus 21° Taurus 42’ R, Pluto 27° Capricorn 58’

There is a sense of duty here, of fulfilling ones destiny, of speaking to ones’ Higher Self and going with the flow of Divine Guidance. Ultimately, this huge change brought about by the Eclipse may also bring about some personal transformation that is needed on a very deep level. Whatever happens, be grateful for your blessings and know that when you walk with Angels, you are protected in all ways, even if it hurts a lot.

Neptune Sextile Pluto. Neptune 25° Pisces 26’ R, Pluto 27° Capricorn 53’

This beautiful sextile has been with us for all of 2023. This supports all diplomatic efforts for our country (it connects with the US chart very well).

ARIES: Moon in 2nd, Sun in 8th. Your talents and resources are getting a major upgrade. Don’t miss the opportunities that are waiting for you. You may feel that you also need to look at your long range investing goals or retirement plans. You and your partner may be disagreeing about all financial plans or there may be an issue with intimacy. A transformation nis about to take place where it comes to big money, sex, death and taxes. LIBRA: Moon in 8th, ,Sun in 2nd H. Joint fin. Very imp. Now. A transformation is underway for you and issues surrounding intimacy but also big money should be addressed. Your ability to earn and your own personal resources are under the spotlight. It could make you feel very vulnerable or insecure, but remember your history with finances and know that you probably are better off than you think. Don’t fight the tide, go with it, but don’t underestimate yourself. TAURUS: Moon in 1st, Sun in 7th House. You are in the hotseat! Something major in your life is going to change, your look, your image, your brand, the way you manage things in your life. Also, your partner, if you have one, will feel this transformation keenly. Very much pulls in your partner to this eclipse, so look for things to be reflected in your relationships. SCORPIO: Moon in 7th, Sun in 1st H. Relationships are under the spotlight with this eclipse. You may be wondering whether this one will make it or not. You will be asking yourself if this Rel. feeds your soul or not and if not, then you need to let it go. On the other hand, if your partner is willing to work on things (and you are, too) then the rel. can grow and morph into what you really need. GEMINI: Moon in 12th, Sun in 6th. Bizarre dreams and intuitive flashes may begin to haunt you a few days prior to this eclipse. You will doggedly ignore them until Boom! They become too strong and too strange to ignore. Intuition is a gift so don’t ignore it. Use it. As a Social animal, Gemini, you should love getting some extra dirt on people, it will give you more to talk about. However, this may be the awakening you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t have to change you complete, think of it as a nice new shiny accessory to wear whenever you like. Having the means to know things before they happen can be fun and entertaining, just don’t use information you get against people in a negative or manipulative way. SAGITTARIUS: Moon in 6th , Sun in 12th, You’ve always had an intuitive streak and you’ve always loved traveling or at least learning about other cultures. This eclipse is going to set you back on your heels as far as declaring your dreams. You may feel that at this point in your life, if there is someplace on the globe you haven’t been, it’s either too late, or you’re going to devote the rest of your life to seeing all of them. Some things are just too important and this may be one of them. The only catch for you is how do you work this into your daily life and who will feed your cats? After this eclipse, you’ll work all that out and enjoy it thoroughly. Please send me postcards from all your destinations. CANCER:.Moon in 11th, Sun in 5th You crave adventure and fun, but you’re not sure you have the right travel companions. Or your companions cannot afford the adventure. No matter. You and your friends will figure out a way to enjoy yourselves, whether it’s on a budget or a couch. This eclipse will bring home to you how important it is to spend time having fun in your life with people you love. CAPRICORN: Moon in 5th, Sun in 11th You want to leave behind a legacy worthy of Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice daily quality of life. You know very well that you should schedule more fun in your week, but you rarely do, do you Capricorn? And often you feel if you put in more volunteer hours at the Foundation, it will somehow equal more fun? I don’t quite understand that but I get it, I have Capricorn rising too, so I know it isn’t easy to parse out time for fun, then giving, then family, then me. etc. It’s all too much, so I throw it all into the Work Bucket and then it feels easier. This eclipse is about to rock your world. It’s going to show you how to lift your spirit, give you some love AND build a wonderful legacy that you can be proud of. It can happen, you just watch. LEO: Moon in 10th, Sun in 4th Your career is about to get a makeover. and your family is going to be the beneficiary. What you can give your family is always top of mind for you. You want to be able to provide for them in every way, but you also want a career that feeds your soul. This eclipse may give you both! Look for opportunities to drop in your lap at this eclipse. If you are the type of Leo who never changes anything (Hair, wardrobe, makeup, Routine, etc. ) you may resist this upgrade a bit, but the Universe will simply turn your life upside down and makek it happen. After a few weeks, you will love it, but initially, if you have resisted, you won’t love being forced. AQUARIUS: Moon in 4th, Sun 10th, Oh my word Aquarius, what have we here? Did you just get a big promotion? And what are you going to do with all that money? Why buy a bigger house! Or move to a nicer apartment, or build your dream house. The changes to your career are wonderful, but the biggest joy of all is to see if materialize in comfort and great surroundings. Take that change and embrace it Aquarius. Of course, it could happen the other way round: You could change your home and then look for a job that can support it. somehow I don’t think you’ll do it that way Aquarius. I do see that you will be gaining some accolades in the career department resulting in more money, resulting in a nicer domestic situation. You’re welcome, says the Universe. VIRGO: Moon in 9th, Sun in 3rd You want those things “out there” that you have wanted all your life. Travel, to write a book and see it become a best seller, To learn about other cultures. Well this eclipse is going to give you the means and opportunity to do those things. Although they may look slightly different than what you’ve been expecting. That’s the thing with life, sometimes when we grow up, our dreams look different. If you only stick with the dreams of a child, then you’ll never be able to satisfy the dreams of an adult. Grow up, Virgo, you can sit at the big table now. PISCES: Moon in 3rd, Sun in 9th You are going to enjoy this eclipse, Pisces, because the changes will be more gentle for you. Changing how you learn, what you study, how you relate to your siblings and neighbors, But the grand accolades will come from the Papers you publish, or the Trips you plan and take or the new Website you build. You will transform yourself from the Mind out which will blow your mind and please you greatly. I don’t see you resisting the changes to come, I see you embracing them.

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