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Astrology, Tarot, and Cosmic Clairvoyance

“Your Soul is your ultimate guidance system. You can think of your Soul as the compass, map, and destination all in one.” -Aletheia Luna



Meet The Cool Crone

Colleen Pearl Trusler (AKA The Cool Crone) is a Professional Astrologer, Psychic, Card Reader and First Degree Nashmutian Priestess.

She delivers expert Astrological and Tarot readings to people all over the world.  She is sought after for her infamous Egyptian “Crack” card readings which are both entertaining and tremendously insightful. 

She has traveled extensively and spent time reading Tarot in Europe and several cities in the U.S.  Today she is a practicing Witch and Light Worker having studied many spiritual and metaphysical subjects:  Crystals, Stones, Angels, Fairies, Past Lives, and Qabalah are all topics that Colleen weaves into her psychic counseling. 

She teaches Astrology and Tarot and is available for readings through her website.  Colleen lives in New Jersey with her youngest daughter and two cats, Mabb and Nyxx.


Happy Clients

Image by Graham Holtshausen
Image by Graham Holtshausen
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J. Schultheis

It was one of the most helpful readings I have gotten. The comfort I got from your assistance with communicating with my guides and showing me how I can do it myself was amazing. I tried my best to follow their advice and in the beginning of the year my life changed for the better. I got a new job within the same company. I can’t thank you enough.

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Ivan Vargas

During the reading proper, Colleen and you are on camera, and you will get a recording. Most don't do this. This is in case you wish to review your reading and go over aspects of what she discusses with you. She expresses great knowledge and intuition with warmth and a little earthy humor, a thing I can appreciate -- it feels as though you're talking to an old friend. There's no fishing for information -- just simple explanations of what comes out per card, or the pendulum. Again, that is big with me.

Valerie Klingenbeck

I cannot say enough great things about Colleen’s Future Astrological Forecast to feel complete.  Just know that her Astrological Forecast is a MUST HAVE if you want to take advantage of the opportunities within the next 2 years and also avoid or mediate the energetic obstacles.

It was an outstanding Future Forecast Astrological Chart Reading from Colleen and highly recommend Colleen to anyone. Hurry and get your Forecast before she gets too busy!!!

Unlock Your Path to Success and Spiritual Fulfillment

With The Cool Crone, you're not just receiving readings; you're gaining a trusted guide to help you manifest your dreams in every aspect of your life. Let her help you uncover the cosmic wisdom and intuitive insights that lay the groundwork for your success, personal growth, and spiritual fulfillment.

Personalized messages from Colleen's guides and yours

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Make empowered decisions with cosmic wisdom

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Reach your material and spiritual potential

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Wisdom as Your Weapon, Conquer Your Challenges

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Just when you think nothing is happening in the material world, everything is happening in the invisible world

Marion Weinstein, Positive Magick

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