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October Astrology 2023

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The Full Moon Lunar eclipse is the last in the sign of Taurus. It is a North Node eclipse and so will herald a beginning. Eclipses always usher in or out a chapter of our lives. So be ready for this change. Wherever you have fixed points or planets in your chart from 3 to 8 degrees you will feel it. Again, look back to 2004 to see which area of life this eclipse will alter. Mars and Jupiter will be involved with this eclipse so you will have a tug of war between your impulse to fight and your impulse to rule. Jupiter with the Moon in Taurus will bring about feelings of comfort. You will enjoy great comfort, but Mars opposing will cause stress, strife and possibly a fight. The change that comes about from this eclipse wil not involve Pluto, thank goodness, so there will not be a huge sacrifice, however, you may feel deeply wounded in the aftermath. I do not like the configuration of Mars facing off with Jupiter. The bruising from this event will not cause permanent damage, Venus will see to that, but there may be some bruised egos, as well as some noses out of joint afterwards. I’d say that after this one, you may need some time to recover. As you do, you’ll begin to see that everything worked out for the best, even if it was a little painful for you.

  1. OCT 28 MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS (3 DAYS), Mercury 9° Scorpio 20’, Mars 10° Scorpio 47’

Plans of war are afoot! If you are sensitive to this one, you may find yourself plotting and planning, creating a master design for some very secret plans. You could be planning a renovation of something like a relationships or your retirement, but you will be planning and plotting something. Out in the mundane world we may find that more plots like the J6 event could be underway. Not that they will be executed, but the plans may be under construction. You may find that the combination of Mercury and Mars in the sign of Scorpio are irresistible and that you simply must put pen to paper and make your play.

  1. OCT 29 MERCURY OPPOSING JUPITER, Mercury 10° Scorpio 56’, Jupiter 11° Taurus 12’ R

This is not a great aspect to have right after Mercury conjunct Mars because it makes things even more extreme. Jupiter is the expander, so it’s going to expand these war-like ideas and communications. Coming just a day after the Eclipse the effects of this one will most likely be felt on the Eclipse meaning this could be a pretty horrible day. Thank goodness for the Trine between Sun and Saturn, as this will help the ‘adults’ prevail with conservative and practical thinking.


  1. OCT 31; VENUS TRINE URANUS, Venus 22° Virgo 02’, Uranus, 21° Taurus 37’ R

New friendships or even relationships may form under this aspect. Or just some really fun social events. You’ll find that the change of pace under this one keeps you entertained and laughing. But there will be a comforting aspect to this energy that makes you feel like you can trus the new people in your life. Even if they only stay for a brief while, enjoy their company. You may also feel your own personal attractiveness is boosted at this time.

  1. NOV 2 SUN OPPOSING JUPITER (2 DAYS), Sun 9° Scorpio 17’, Jupiter 10° Taurus 40’ R

Some of the anarchists of our society will come out for this one. People with extreme attitudes and beliefs will be spouting them for all to hear. They may even get a little rowdy about it. They are committed to their causes and even willing to sacrifice for them, but in the end, it is temporary and they go back under their rocks. During thIS aspect though, they may rile up enough people to do some damage, so watch yourself.

  1. NOV 3 VENUS OPPOSING NEPTUNE (2 DAYS), Venus 24° Virgo 11’, Neptune 25° Pisces 11’ R

Tremendously romantic and sentimental feeling surrounds this aspect, but tossing the energy between Virgo and Pisces means that it most likely will not be acted upon but will stay in the fantasy realm. Where I’m worried about this one is if it is combined with the Jupiter opposition energy and dredges up people who are willing to sacrifice for their cause. These sentimental feelings may give fuel to their fire and make an impact.

  1. MERCURY OPPOSING URANUS (2 DAYS), Mercury 18° Scorpio 50’, Uranus 21° Taurus 30’ R

This aspect brings extreme opinions and an impulse for independence. So Q fans here we go!. The desire to convince others of our way out ideas is strong during this one, meaning that people will not let go until they feel they have won the argument. No ability to compromise and an extreme desire to push the limits will probably cause many discussions to become very heated. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

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