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October 2022 Astrology

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

September 26 to October 25, 2022

During the month of October, we have 4 planets retrograde for the entire period, 2 planets that station direct, and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. As if that were not enough we have a very active sky which tells me that there will be a lot going on. In addition, we still have the Pluto return to deal with in the US Chart, as well the enduring Saturn square Uranus which has come to within 1° orb for the month of October.

First let's summarize the Ingresses and Retrograde planets, and then I will go through the month chronologically and discuss the major planetary actions.


Sep 29 Venus enters Libra

Venus in Libra raises our encounters to an art form of social niceties. Here we find harmony and the beauty of life. The Justice system is ruled by Libra so when Venus is here, settlements are larger because the actions brought to Court offend the Libran sensibilities. Venus in Libra has a need for being needed, but they do not want to be a doormat. You will find now that you have the need for intelligent conversation and also the need to create beautiful things. You may give or receive gifts now for no reason, merely because you exist. There is a distinct sense of romance here but also an intellectual awareness that makes each person all the more attractive.

Oct 10 Mercury enters Libra

Mercury once again enters Libra, where we can have friendly conversations, safe social interactions and are able to see all sides of the question leading to more diplomatic interactions with those who are normally our adversaries. Progress can be made on issues that need mediation. Making hard personal decisions can be difficult under this sign, but cooperation between two or more parties can be very successful.

Oct 23 Sun enters Scorpio

When the Sun enters Scorpio we all get some clarity. It’s as if we can see into people’s souls and know what they are thinking. Scorpio is a highly intuitive sign and People with Sun in Scorpio identify with this to a large extent. They may make no secret of the fact that they depend upon their intuition to help them make decisions in their relationships and in business. As a water sign, Scorpio Sun gives one good judgment and memory as well as a highly creative streak. They are also a fixed sign, so there is a lot of opinions and stubbornness to go along with those opinions.

Oct 23 Venus enters Scorpio

Mysterious Scorpio welcomes Venus with open arms. Venus in this sign loves to keep their love a secret and spend time one on one with their mate. Enjoy the adulation, but realize that it’s fine to have outside interests. Your Partner will enjoy the next tet-a-tet all the more for your brief absence.

Scorpio never forgets a slight and will usually go all out to settle the score. Is this mature? Is this right? Probably not, but it doesn’t matter to Scorpio. What matters is that they win.


October 1 Mercury stations direct in Virgo

With Mercury going forward, they will travel over the same degrees that were covered in August and early September when Mercury covered them for the first time (in forward motion) and the 2nd time in retrograde motion. Be prepared for either a sense of relief for getting a chance at a “do-over” or déjà vu as you realize you’ve been here before. … a couple of times.

October 7 Pluto stations direct in Capricorn

October 22 Saturn stations direct in Aquarius

Saturn’s gift here will be that we are able to restructure things to our liking rather than spend all our energy working on something without making progress. Saturn in the forward looking Aquarius has been stopped up with the retrograde for a few months now, so look for areas in your life where that Aquarian energy can move forward.

Jupiter Retrograde All Month

Uranus Retrograde All Month

Neptune Retrograde All Month

Chiron Retrograde All Month

Nodes Retrograde All Month

PLANETARY ASPECTS September 26 to October 25

The New Moon is 2° Libra 49’ on September 25,2022, at 5:54 PM EDT.

I actually did a pretty deep dive into the New Moon in Libra in my September Astrology video so I’m going to refer you to watch that. It will be linked at the end of this one.


The Saturn Uranus square is peaking this month, so there will be some restrictions put back in place by governments whether for rising COVID-19 infections, or some other reason. Jupiter in Aries will keep the public optimistic and willing to travel despite these restrictions. We are learning to live with COVID and those of us fortunate enough to still have the money will want to travel in order to relax and try to forget about it.

Sep 26 Sun Opp Jupiter. Sun 3° 41’ Libra, Jupiter 3° 41’ Aries.

OMG you may have such luck with this one, but also, you may brag a lot and you start to believe it. This is a lucky streak, so don't start thinking you are Jeff Bezos, you have just gotten lucky. Remember that the transits will end just as quickly as they started and that Jupiter is also retrograde, so it's not going to be the gargantuan killing you think (and hope) it will be. It won't be. If you're happy, great, just don't break the bank and don't promise something you can't deliver.

Sep 26 Mercury conjunct Venus. Mercury 26° Scorpio 43’, Venus 26° Virgo 52’

Remember that Mercury is retrograde, so even if those pair of twins seem like a great idea for a double date, they are not. Especially if it's actually a ménage a trois that you're looking for. You will be gracious and polite but you will also rationalize everything now and Mercury has been playing with Jupiter too much these days. I wouldn't trust these impulses until Mercury is direct and Jupiter is out of earshot. When Venus connects to the planet of communication, it also turns your thoughts to love and lovely things and whoops, there goes the credit card again. So, play it safe. If you meet the person of your dreams, get to know them but don't declare undying love quite yet. Give it some time. Remember relationships started under Mercury Retrograde never last. Or if they do, there is an off /on quality to them that is very frustrating (and sometimes quite heart breaking).

Sep 27 Venus trine Pluto/Sep 27 Mercury Trine Pluto

Venus 26° Virgo 47’, Mercury 26° Virgo 47’, Pluto 26° Capricorn 09’

If you have anything in the last few degrees of an Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), I'm going to say you are destined to meet someone with whom you can fall in love or at least in lust. Venus will make you love them and Mercury will make you talk their ear off, which for a lot of people means they are falling for someone. This mysterious attraction will feel like destiny. Also, this will impact your financial picture which all of a sudden may gain your ardent interest. With Mercury here you will find that the research you start will be intense but worth it. You may uncover the way to a goldmine for your future with these transits happening. Again, only if you have some personal planets in late degrees of the Earth Signs. And be careful because it’s all taking place during a Mercury retrograde. So, if this is something you have engaged in before, then green light. If this is an entirely new thing, then yellow or red light on this one. Just hold on to all your research and try it in October.

Sep 28 Mars trine Saturn, Mars 19° Gemini 05’, Saturn 19° Aquarius 05’

If you are looking for a long term commitment this is the transit for you. Everything you do now from putting up bookshelves for your love to ironing out all the thorny issues with their retirement plan will make you seem like a God or Goddess in their eyes. Also, you will be working harder than ever now but you won't even notice, because your stamina and power of concentration will make it seem like nothing. This transit brings lasting success and practical results especially in business and financial deals but will also translate a bit to your relationships. Great for legal issues, too. Mars brings the passion; Saturn brings the durability. It's a really good match.

Sep 29 Venus enters Libra

Venus is in Libra from September 29 to October 23, 2022.

Another side of Venus comes through now. Venus rules the sign Libra and Venus is quite at home in this sign. You’ll find that you employ charm and courtesy now to get what you want and doing the dishes for your partner is not so important now. Compromise and negotiation are where it’s at now, because you really are loving the energy you find. Everyone seems to love everyone else and yet there seems to be such nice intellectual conversation in the air.

Libra is an Air sign, so even though Libra loves to be in a relationship, Venus in Libra loves to flirt and play the field. Libra Venus can even be a bit detached as she plays her game of cat and mouse with those she likes.

At times you may feel like you are leaning on your partner too much or they on you, due to Libra’s indulgence and tendency to let others carry the load, It’s probably best to leave the discussion about this until Venus has moved on to Scorpio because Venus in Libra is too superficial to have a serious conversation and to be real about their emotions. Now is the time to play at being artistic, or creating balance in ourselves. Harmony among friends and business relationships will be accomplished now, but some relationships may find themselves frustrated by Libra Venus superficiality.

To use this energy best, work with others during this time. Partnership (not romance) really works with this energy and can make you money. Any business such as Counseling, Design, the Beautify fields (fashion, cosmetics, cosmetology) or fields that cater to women, will thrive during Venus in Libra

Oct 1 Venus opp Jupiter

Venus 3° Libra 02’, Jupiter 3° Aries 02’

If you are in a toxic relationship, this may be your get out of jail free card. Given that this aspect involves Aries, the sign of fast and cutting action, means that the ending of a relationship may happen quickly with or without your cooperation or action. It may take you some time to accept or realize that the relationship was toxic, so be gentle on yourself. But eventually, you will see this ending as a blessing.


Oct 6 Mercury trine Pluto

26° Virgo 06’, Pluto 26° Capricorn07’

You’re mind is turning rapidly and intensely on any problem you come across. Take this opportunity to solve the puzzle that no one else can. Or to take a look at something from the past that you could not figure out. Mercury trine Pluto will give you a chance to research and problem solve like never before. But act quickly, this aspect will only last about one more week.

Oct 7 Sun opp Chiron

Sun 14° Libra 09’, Chiron 14° Aries 09’

This aspect challenges you to think about who you are. People around you, or even the situations you find yourself in will be telling you to open up to your emotions and energies. You must incorporate more sensitivity into how you define who you are in order to maintain a healthy ego structure. Part of you may want to shut down in the face of others’ needs and feelings, but this is the time for you to strengthen yourself by remaining open to the intricacies and messiness of the human condition. If you open your heart to your own pain now, the Universe will bring you teachers who can help you face your own sensitivity and vulnerability.

OCTOBER 9 - 15

Oct 9 Full Moon in Aries

4:54 pm ET, 16° Aries 32’


Oct 10 Mercury Enters Libra

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is moving into diplomatic Libra, where it will stay until October 30. Mercury likes hanging out in Libra, so this transit should be pleasant. For one thing, Mercury is moving in a forward motion now, so you should enjoy just being able to have a conversation without tripping over your words.

Communication will take on a friendlier, more congenial tone, compared to the critical attitude we sometimes had when Mercury was in Virgo. Libra is all about fairness and being a peacemaker. Mercury in Libra is diplomatic, charming, smooth, flirty, and sympathetic. However, it can also be indecisive, people pleasing, and prone to procrastination.

Oct 10 Venus opp Chiron

14° Libra 00’, Chiron 14° Aries 00’

You will feel more sensitive and vulnerable now, but in new ways. Your needs in relationship might shift, and you might find a craving for a certain kind of safety and security from another person. It could also be that someone else suddenly needs this from you. You may also meet vulnerable, insecure people who expect rejection, and their fears won’t make sense to you because you see the wonderful things about them they can’t see because of their fear of rejection or abandonment. However it’s working in your life, the point is for you to evaluate how and why you have relationships. The people who come into your life now show you what you need or need to let go of in your own life. For instance, you may realize that someone else’s refusal to take responsibility for him- or herself is something you just can’t deal with any longer, or that someone tells you that something you routinely do affects him or her in deep, painful ways. This is a time to take reflection about how consciously you allow pain and suffering to affect your relating style, and what you do in response. Take the time to be aware of your own patterns so you can see others’ patterns as showing you something important.

Oct 11 Sun Trine Saturn

Sun 18° Libra 41’, Saturn 18° Aquarius 41’

You will have ease and ability to work very hard or for long periods of time without feeling stressed or overworked. Take advantage of this aspect to tackle some difficult tasks or projects.

Oct 12 Mercury opp Jupiter

Mercury 1° Libra 40’, Jupiter 1° Aries 41’

There are too many projects and tasks to tackle now leaving you and your team feeling overwhelmed. If you are just trying to clean out your closets at home, perhaps invite a friend over for moral support or postpone this task for another day.

Oct 12 Mars square Neptune

Mars 23° Gemini 22’, Neptune 23° Pisces 21’

Impatience is Mars in Gemini’s middle name, add to that the confusion of Neptune in Pisces and you have the makings of some very dramatic disagreements and arguments. Try to practice patience and (if possible) postpone discussions until this aspect passes. It will be very difficult to come to an amiable resolution. Not impossible, (if you keep using your imaginations and keep talking) but very difficult.

Oct 13 Sun square Lilith / Oct 15 Venus square Lilith

Sun 20° Libra 16’, Lilith 20° Cancer 16’/Sun 20° Libra 30’, Lilith 20° Cancer 30’

These two aspects are going to drill down on your beliefs about your identity, spirituality and intimate choices. If you are female this may present as a crisis or conflict of some sort. Female and relationship issues may be challenged and force you to make a choice.

Oct 14 Venus trine Saturn

Venus 18° Libra 39’, Saturn 18° Aquarius 39’

The steady and persistent energy of Saturn joined with Loving Venus makes this a great day for relationships. Existing relationships feel their bonds strengthen and new relationships may get a glimpse of a long term commitment and what that may mean. This is a very good time to find a soulmate, create an amazing artistic creation or make adjustments to your investments.

OCTOBER 16 - 22

Oct 17 Sun Trine Mars

Sun 24° Libra 30’, Mars 24° Gemini 30’

You are feeling very strong today which gives you a boost in self esteem and courage. Rise above your challenges and see who notices.

Oct 18 Venus trine Mars

Venus 24° Libra 42’, Mars 24° Gemini 42’

Negotiations go well today, you will find that the difficulties met on the 12th seemingly melt away if you discuss them today. Minds have changed.

Oct 19 Sun square Pluto

26° Libra 08’, Pluto 26° Capricorn 08’

Power struggles are exposed and you may feel betrayed and powerless. Best to wait it out because that feeling will not go away until this aspect does.

Oct 19 Mercury opp Chiron

Mercury 12° Libra 46’, Chiron 13° Aries 36’

This aspect asks you to open your mind to other energy and emotions. Your regular logical, linear self – the one that typically runs your life – can grow during this time from taking in new information about the reality of human sensitivity. Through new contacts and experiences, you may become interested in healing techniques and methodologies. You could also become able to articulate more clearly, or for the first time, aspects of yourself and your life that need to be processed. Take time to check the rhythms of your mind while you get in touch with what you feel and what makes you feel insecure. You will be discovering new, unique solutions to old problems, as Chiron is asking your logical mind to stretch itself open to new possibilities.

Oct 20 Venus square Pluto

Venus 26° Libra 08’, Pluto 26° Capricorn 08’

This aspect manifests itself in a very typical way - you can both love and hate with all their heart, deeply and intensely. But you may wish to hide your true passion. You want to feel that you are better than others and this desire manifests by starting a business or by trying to accumulate material wealth. This aspect activates sexuality and sex appeal. You may be feeling strong jealousy now or even paranoia.

Oct 22 Sun conjunct Venus

Sun 29° Libra 26’

Can you feel the love? This is a wonderful day for having a very laid back day with your significant other, or just alone. You will be feeling loving and relaxed as the Libran energy washes away your stress and fears.

Oct 22 Mercury trine Saturn

Mercury 18° Libra 19’, Saturn 18° Aquarius 35’

This is the perfect day to plan your big project: whether that is a major project at work or just re-organizing your cupboards. Planning and research are favored today. Execute plans later.


Oct 23 Venus Enters Scorpio

Oct 24 Mercury square Lilith

Mercury 21° Libra 30’, Lilith 21° Cancer 30’

Oct 25 New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Moon 1° Scorpio 59’ 6:48 a.m. ET

Letting go is the best way to move forward in life. This Solar Eclipse may help you to release things you no longer need, from old sox to your latest boyfriend. (ouch!) Stay alert for things that should be set aside. Then use the eclipse energy to do it.

With that said, this Solar Eclipse is a little scary. Just a little. It falls in Scorpio, which is not a comfortable sign for the Moon to be in. But this is the zodiac sign of transformation, which is what we should be focusing on during this Eclipse. What needs to change – drastically? What do we need to release in order to move to the next level?

For most of us, the answer is likely to have to do with our relationships, seeing as Venus is in a tight conjunction to this Eclipse. Now’s the time to affect change in our love lives, to the point where we either let go entirely or allow a 180-degree shift to take place. Now’s the time to level up in terms of intimacy and closeness and figure out how to be the very best team we can be.

Mars is the ruler of this Eclipse and he is in his shadow phase in Gemini, preparing to turn retrograde. He is squaring Neptune, so some things will be obscured and make it confusing to know what you need to do. Use the powerful energy of Scorpio to ensure you’re doing everything above board and with a sense of integrity. If you are in doubt, trust that the Universe will point you to the road of highest integrity and stay on that road.

We are taught to be afraid of the dark. We are taught to be afraid of difference. We are taught to be afraid of each other. We are taught to be afraid. Period. Difference is a construct. Difference separates us. Separation makes it possible to harm one another and feel justified in doing so. There are differences between us. That’s what makes us beautiful. Differences can be feared or respected; honored or betrayed. Difference is often used against the “different.”

What is powerful has been feared for thousands of years. What is feared gets demonized. What is feared gets projected onto another; onto whole cultures, whole nations, whole orientations. As a group, humans fear many things. And the powers that be, the powers that control our lives make sure that we keep having fear. What we fear is complex. What we fear is collective. What we fear is also personal. Some fear their power, their greatness and their fate. Others fear their despicable, unsocialized, unsavory personality traits. Many fear abandonment, loss of control and pain. Most of us fear some combination of all of that plus a little extra thrown in for good personal measure.

Our fears are something we must deal with. We must find out what is in the darkness and deal with it. This eclipse in Scorpio is going to make sure that we do just that.

The first of our Fall eclipses occurs on October 25th at 6:49 am EDT. The sun, moon and Venus will all be perfectly aligned at 2 degrees of Scorpio. This means that all three planets enter the sign mere hours before the eclipse. One planet changing signs is a big deal; three changing signs and then all being involved in an eclipse is something else entirely. This is a solar eclipse. This is a new moon. This is Scorpio. This is Dark.

The dark phase of the moon, of the year and of any part of any cycle was seen for thousands of years to be a part of the healing process. There is no regeneration in the bright light of day. No embryo grows outside of the womb. Life begins in the dark.

The moon is said to be in her fall in Scorpio, Venus is said to be in her detriment there. Neither planet is happy-go-lucky in this sign. Both planets in our birth chart tell us about our experience with connection, with relating, with bonding and with creating.

The moon in Scorpio can have moods that swing wildly, intensely and passionately but our moon craves stability. Venus in Scorpio can be passionate, obsessive and vengeful which can obstruct Venus’s desire for peace, harmony and balance in relationships.

Those two simple descriptions are far from the complete picture of these planets in Scorpio but suffice it to say this is a combination that is sure to bring out our envy, our sexual appetites, our sorrows, our shadows and all the other bits that are desperate for transformation and healing.

Our national, global, cultural and personal closets, full of shame, are bursting at the seams. This is Venus and the moon in Scorpio. They can reveal the realities of what it is to be a woman in this world. But Scorpio is about transformation.

So let the closets burst wide open. We need to acknowledge the harm done. We need responsibility taken and to take it ourselves. We need to give and receive reparations. We need healing on all levels.

Thanks to Chani Nicholas and Astrology.TV for their insights into this eclipse.

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