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November Astrology 2022

Astrology: October 25 to November 23, 2022

The Full Moon this month is a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This somewhat echoes or answers the Solar Eclipse in Taurus from last Spring. Think back to that part of the year and discover what area of your life will be affected now with the Lunar Eclipse. The effects will be a little different, more interval. Solar Energy is much more Yang, forward moving than Lunar Energy but Eclipses always bring about dramatic change in your life no matter what, provided they are touching a sensitive point in your chart.

Nov. 8 Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse. 16° 00' Taurus, 6:01 AM ET, which is also election day.

Nov 23 New Moon in Sagittarius 1° 37' @ 5:57 PM ET


1. October 28 Jupiter retrograde leaves Aries and retros back into Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces forms a hospitable, friendly and charitable nature. These people like to help the castaways of the society. They are true angels of mercy who help anybody whose body, soul or spirit suffers. They help the sick and imprisoned. They are sensitive and therefore they are able to perceive the influences of the invisible world. They have experience of spiritual nature and they often become occultists. People with Jupiter in Pisces may have been too obliging in the past and too much may have been expected of them. As a result, they may have become distrustful and suspicious of other people's intentions, and they tend to exaggerate their troubles in a slightly distorted effort to uncover their misunderstood sensitivity. They may tend to follow someone or something that they promoted to a divine position and later they become disappointed.

2. Nov 16 Venus Enters Sagittarius

People with Venus in Sagittarius are fully aware of the generosity and inexhaustibility of love. They may either have a great desire for love or lust. However, lust is not important to them because they are loyal and they never lose their belief that love always leads to glory. From a philosophical point of view, it is clear to them that they can never experience good times without experiencing bad time too and that bad times in the present mean better times in the future. They perceive love as an adventure and their search for true love can take them far away from home. They can find their happiness or the person they want only beyond their original and probably limited horizon. Their predictable family and love life or partner are not exactly what they wanted unless they stretch their wings in their youth and rebel enough to realize that love is an adventure, no matter where and with whom.

3. Nov 17 Mercury enters Sagittarius

People with Mercury in Sagittarius love travelling. It is possible to make them sit at home and play a game of chess, but only for a brief period of time. It may seem that there is a fire behind them that is forcing them to act fast. Mercury affects fiery signs by creating lively imps who are interested in anything that attracts their attention. They are great people to spend life with. This position combines intelligence and an ideal, because their soul is focused in one direction, on one goal. These people are likely to teach foreign languages and to study abroad. They have a talent for languages. They have philosophical principles and religious tendencies. Mercury in Sagittarius creates foreign correspondents, journalists and authors of adventure novels or travelogues. These people often study medicine or law.

4. Nov 22 Sun enters Sagittarius

People born under the sign of Sagittarius bear the seal of the ruler of their sign, Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and happiness. They are therefore optimistic, active, social and very honest, sometimes to the extent that their directness hurts others, without them being aware of it. Their character does not consist of scathing satire or malice, but their idea of justice implies that people deserve to know the truth.

They are people of immediate reactions, which often act on impulse, without having managed to figure out the consequences of their behavior. They can be provoked in seconds and explode, but they can forget everything just as quickly without having the slightest idea that they could have hurt somebody emotionally. They did not mean to harm anybody, did they!?

Those who get to know them better and get used to them will not only experience a lot of fun, but also find reliable friends, who might sometimes talk too much, but generally can be trusted.

These people hate being restricted in any way. They are able to work a lot, but they cannot have the impression that it is an unavoidable duty and that somebody supervises them.

They are happy in the role of a host and as such they often exaggerate their possibilities. Their carelessness in the moment when they are having a good time is to blame for this. They act in a similar way when somebody needs help. They will do immediately what is needed and they do not expect gratitude or anything in return. They do not need much money for themselves because they do not have the need to show off and they are definitely not systematic money savers.

They are able to see the bright side of life and inspire others to have more optimistic worldviews. To others they might seem a bit shallow, but in reality they have a philosophical spirit, which lets them see narrow-mindedness from a different perspective. Their forgiveness and goodness also help them in life. They spoil this "image" by their uncompromising fight for justice when they cannot restrain themselves from aggressive behavior. Other people around them often fail to notice that they hardly ever fight for themselves.

They defend their pride even at the cost of material losses. They do not like lengthy explanations and they do not like to humiliate themselves so they only slam the door and forget about their rights.


  • Mars Retrograde All Month

  • Nov 23 Jupiter Stationing Direct @ 28 47' Pisces

  • UranusR Retrograde All Month

  • NeptuneR Retrograde All Month

  • Nodes Retrograde All Month

  • Chiron Retrograde All Month


1. Oct 25 New Moon in Scorpio, Lunar Eclipse, see my video!

The predominant energy during these 3 days is Mercury, first Trining a retrograde Mars and then squaring Pluto. Both of these aspects will give you make you feel more feisty than usual. The aspect with Mars will energize you and have you speaking about ideas in the zeitgeist that you feel need to be embraced. The Pluto aspect will have you analyzing what you found out from Mars and forming new opinions. Then you may act on those instincts but it will be from behind the scenes, not out in the open. Of course, you could also wait until some other planet comes around to 26 Degrees of a Cardinal sign before taking action. Pluto loves to lie in wait and spring when least expected.

2. Oct 26 Mercury Trine MarsR

Mercury 25° Libra 31', MarsR 25° Gemini 31'

Your mind is incredibly quick now and you won't be able to let anything go. Watch as you speed through many ideas and find that you've thought of several action items for each. This aspect will keep you on a diplomatic but persuasive tone so it's a great time to have a mediation or just a brain storming session with others.

3. Oct 27 Mercury Square Pluto

Mercury 26° Libra, Pluto 26° Capricorn 11'

This aspect affects thinking in such a way that people are overly dominated by their opinions and instincts. This results in biased thinking. You'll find that unless you have input from others, you cannot keep this for long and may sputter out, getting distracted by something a little lighter and more entertaining to think about. If you are actually searching for truth, check yourself to see if you haven't already made up your mind. Be careful of manipulating others, because they won't be happy about that when they find out.


1. Nov 02 Venus Opposing North Node

Venus 13° Scorpio 19', North Node 13° Taurus 19'

The positive thing about this aspect is that these people are often pleasant, graceful, sexy and affectionate. They can appreciate beauty and they like art. They have a good taste. This harmonious connection forms the focal point of their life and it helps them achieve their goals. They have somewhat feminine radiating power that is very valuable and deserves to be acknowledged and developed.

The negative side of this aspect is that it can be difficult for these people to find inner peace because their love life is in constant conflict with the direction of their life. They can experience feelings of unfulfillment and they may have great need for affection that is very hard to satisfy.

2. Nov 05. Sun Opposing North Node

Sun 13° Scorpio 28', North Node 13° Taurus 10'

Frequent conflicts and tension among the demands of the Sun and the tasks of the lunar node that are waiting to be realized. For this reason the life path of these people is not clear. They are indecisive, chaotic and they have restrains.

3. Nov 05 Venus Opposing UranusR

Venus 17° Scorpio 03', UranusR 17° Taurus 03'

This aspect complicates any relationship because these people see relationships literally as a loss of personal freedom and integrity. They are mentally unstable and their feelings constantly change. They often get involved in great number of relationships throughout their life. They are unconventional, difficult to get along with, eccentric and original when they create art. They are just as unstable in their ways of dealing with money. They are adventurous and they lead unstable love life.

4. Nov 05 NeptuneR Trine Lilith

NeptuneR 22° Pisces 51', Lilith 22° Cancer 52'

Oh boy, you will feel good, very good about your desires that don't usually see the light of day. You may find during this transit, that you can satisfy yourself and feel good about it. There is a creativity here that will bring out your primal urges, so take advantage of that and make the most of this creative period. Also, Fantasy will be big for you right now, you will enjoy indulging your imagination in whatever way you please. That may mean that you create amazing Art, or that you plan a fantasy vacation. However you use it, it will feel wonderful and fulfilling.


1. Nov 06 Mercury Opposing North Node

Mercury 13° Scorpio 07', North Node 13° Taurus 07'

The positive thing about this aspect is that it gives people intelligence and good life orientation. They enjoy searching for the background of their motives and they are able to critically and creatively deal with their personality. They are open towards others. They accept criticism easily and they do not avoid conflicts. They manage life challenges with the help of their analytical and logical thinking.

The negative side of this aspect is that these people may have poor focus on their life path. Their intellect always finds "good reasons" that stop them from focusing on a set goal. This is the reason why these people are often stubborn, have defensive attitudes and why they cling to things that put them at disadvantage.

2. Nov 07 Venus square Saturn

Venus 18° Scorpio 47', Saturn 18° Aquarius 47'

People with this aspect are responsible, reserved and hesitant. They also have restraints that are often the result of poor parenting or fear of other authorities. This also causes fear of loss - they are afraid to lose both their property and their loved ones. These people often submit their feelings to practicality (typical manifestation of this is getting married for security). They subconsciously fear unemployment and poverty.

3. Nov 08 Sun conjunct Mercury

Sun 16° Scorpio 15', Mercury 16° Scorpio 15'

There can only be conjunction between the Sun and Mercury. People with this aspect are subjective and creative; they can express their ideas well and they are often very artistic. This is a great aspect for artists who perform on stage. These people are intellectuals, but their thinking is very subjective and they can sometimes lack objectivity or the ability to see things from the outside.

4. Nov 08 Mercury Opposing UranusR

Mercury 16° Scorpio 15', UranusR 16° 56' Taurus R

This aspect often brings extreme views and a strong need for independence. These people force their opinions, which are often extreme an unrealistic, on others with arrogance and reluctance to compromise. Their opinions are often way ahead and these people are inclined to get involved in movements that have views that may even be accepted in the future. They are curious and intelligent. They have novel way of thinking and they like to argue about opinions. Their creative activity is often destructive and it tends to be rebellious and chaotic.

5. Nov 09 Sun Opposing UranusR

Sun 16° 54' Scorpio, UranusR 16° 54' Taurus R

This aspect creates people that are too individualistic, selfish and eccentric. They are very independent and they guard their independence carefully. They are not always considerate towards other people and they sometimes suffer from mental exhaustion. These people have the need to be different and they want to show their uniqueness. They want to be teachers, mentors and examples to others. These people are willing to go to the extremes in order to show their originality. They have trouble accepting authorities. They use rebellion as means of attracting attention of other people.

6. Nov 10 Mercury Square Saturn

Mercury 18° Scorpio 52', Saturn 18° Aquarius 52'

This aspect gives people serious, conservative and practical mental processes. However, these people also have the ability to calculate clearly and calmly, and this ability is often responsible for their success.

7. Nov 10 Venus Trine NeptuneR

Venus 22° Scorpio 33', NeptuneR 22° Pisces 22'

This harmonious aspect gives people a sense for romance, compassion, and intuition in relationships. These people have great fantasy, inventiveness and sense of art. They also have a good taste for fashion, they can dress well and they have their own distinctive style. Transcendent, mysticism and magic sexually arouse women with this aspect. This aspect in men tells us about characteristics of his inner woman-anima and thus it also tells us about the personality of women that will be interested in him. For artists, this aspect brings inspiration, creativity, imagination, and very good taste.

8. Nov 10 Venus Trine Lilith

Venus 22° Scorpio 33', Lilith 23° Cancer 21'

During this time, you are driven to express your raw, unbridled emotion through relationships and sexuality. You may become aware of the value of your financial and personal assets and use these to assert your independence. You may now become more aware of your beauty and as you find your passion and love for life you will insist on expressing your independence. You may crave connection and affection but need to have emotional connection on your own terms.

You will crave a partner who is as passionate and independent as you are and who can respect and admire your deeper instincts and full range of emotions.

Your deep desires and sexual interests are easily and openly expressed. Even when you push the envelope and express your interests in rebellious ways, your passion and desires are embraced by others.

You can be more successful asserting your independence and staying true to your authentic wild inner nature than though conformity now.

You can love yourself in many ways now. There are so many things that you usually don't think about but now you will. As you think about what makes you feel good and happy, you will find yourself coming up with more and more ways to express yourself and to create a place for yourself where anything goes. Enjoy this and remember that

9. Nov 11 Sun Square Saturn

Sun 18° 54' Scorpio, Saturn 18° 54' Aquarius

This aspect creates two groups of people. People in the first group tend to give up when they encounter problems. When people in the second group encounter problems they get stimulated by them and perform better. These people often have lower self-esteem that can be improved by good work.

10. Nov 12 Mercury Trine NeptuneR

Mercury 22° 46' Scorpio, NeptuneR 22° 46' Pisces

This harmonious aspect gives people great fantasy and a good taste for art. However, these people do not have a good sense for detail and they may find it hard to cope with the practical and material aspects of life. They like photography, esotericism and fashion. They are too trusting and sometimes they have to pay a big price for it. This aspect often brings intuition and inspiration linked to thinking, speaking and communicating.

NOVEMBER 13 - 19

1. Nov 13 Mercury Trine Lilith

Mercury 23° 42' Scorpio, Lilith 23° 42' Cancer

Deep emotional instincts and unresolved anger can fuel your thought process and communication.

You may feel an erratic and intense urge to dredge up unresolved pain and anger from the past. At the same time, you are likely to want to intellectualize your feelings but will not be able to suppress your emotions.

This is an important time for you to put your deeper wounds and instincts into writing or create channeled or inspired writing. You may feel called to speak up for people who are ostracized. You wont' let anyone stifle your ideas or emotions. You are a free thinker and may become obsessive about your passions and interests. There's no moderation in your thinking or communication and you may speak impulsively and emotionally.

It's easy to express our intuition and rebellious ideas now. You're more likely to be convincing and influential to others even if you share radical or unusual ideas.

2. Nov 13 Venus sextile Pluto

Venus 26° 22' Scorpio, Pluto 26° 25' Capricorn

This harmonious aspect gives people the ability to experience relationships very deeply. However, these people require the same from their partner, and this may give rise to problems and conflicts, especially if these requirements are not met by the partner. This aspect gives people talent for publicity in media. They often have many useful contacts that help them succeed. This aspect activates sexuality and sex appeal. In general, these people can experience their sexuality without unnecessary "adornments" and superstitions.

3. Nov 14 Sun Trine NeptuneR

Sun 22° 41' Scorpio, NeptuneR 22° 44' Pisces

This harmonious aspect gives people sentimentality, good relationships with other people and good manners. These people like to get involved in charities, they are creative and they like art and a pleasant lifestyle. They have great imagination, intuition, spirituality and a sense of harmony. However, all their activities lack order and structure (these people are just "floating" through the structure of life).

4. Nov 14 Mercury Sextile Pluto

Mercury 25° 27' Scorpio, Pluto 26° 27' Capricorn

This harmonious aspect give people strong will and clear opinions. Their sphere of interest is quite broad - from magic and psychology to mathematics and physics. They need active exchanges of ideas and experiences. This aspect has a similar effect as conjunctions, but not as strong, and these people tend to persuade others.

5. Nov 15 Venus Trine JupiterR

Venus 28° 55' Scorpio, JupiterR 28° 55' Pisces

People with this harmonious aspect are kind and cordial. They easily adapt to new social trends and demands, and they like fashion. This aspect brings hospitality and generosity. It is also useful in case of legal disputes.

6. Nov 16 Sun Trine Lilith

Sun 24° 02' Scorpio, Lilith 24° 03' Cancer

Charisma and Creating are unleashed during this transit. You may feel the need to express your independence. While you can step into positions of leadership, your ultimate goal will be your desire for recognition and freedom, not benevolence to society. You may become more accepting of your sexuality and take pride in both the creative and destructive aspects of your personality. You may become more flirtatious and playful. Your edgy side can come forward as well but you are drawn to the arts and theater to express your Shadow side. You'll rebel against anyone who tried o criticize your identity or appearance or who tries to get you to contain your unique individual energy.

It is easier for your to embrace your creative side and make peace with your raw, edgy and rebellious nature. You can easily express your deeper fantasies with confidence and creativity during this time.

7. Nov 16 Mercury Trine JupiterR

Mercury 28° 34' Scorpio, JupiterR 28° 53' Pisces

This harmonious aspect brings optimism, kindness and openness. These people are often great philosophers. However, they like to satisfy their mental interests even if they do not have the money for it. They like to travel and they do not stay long in one place.

8. Nov 18 Sun sextile Pluto

26° 31' Scorpio, Pluto 26° 31' Capricorn

This harmonious aspect gives people decisiveness and good manners. However, these people are also stubborn and secretive. They have a tendency to influence others through effective manipulation at subconscious level. These people have excellent regenerative abilities and extremely strong will. They think that they are able to achieve anything they want and they usually get it at any cost.

9. Nov 19 MarsR Square NeptuneR

MarsR 22° 42' Gemini, NeptuneR 22° 42' Pisces

This aspect is great for mysticism and it reinforces imagination and fantasy which these people often prefer to reality. Their practical approach to life is also greatly suppressed. They often combine feverish activities in order to promote themselves through illusions of their unrealistic ideals and fantasies. These people are often chaotic.

NOVEMBER 20 - 23

1. Nov 20 Sun Trine JupiterR

Sun 28° 48' Scorpio, JupiterR 28° 48' Pisces

This harmonious aspect creates confident and optimistic people. People with this aspect like to travel and they love adventure. They also like studying and gaining new experiences.

2. Nov 21 Mercury conjunct Venus

Mercury 7° 09' Sagittarius, Venus 7° 09' Sagittarius

This conjunction gives people good manners and mental balance. They can express themselves well and they are convincing. Their views are also well-balanced. Their thinking is often so rational that they are not able to express their feelings too openly.

3. Nov 23 New Moon in 1° Sag 37', 17:57 ET


1. Mars in Gemini

Mars in the Gemini never stops moving. These people have many projects and ideas, but their energy is fragmented because air signs are known for not wanting to put up a fight. Instead, when something does not work out, they redirect their energy on a new goal. Of course, aggressive Mars does not like this very much. Fortunately, their activity is joined with intelligence. Their fiery temperament manifests itself mainly verbally, abruptly and swiftly. If people with Mars in Gemini want to get something or know something, they ask. It may happen that they will impulsively gain something or someone, but they will not know what to do with it or with the person. So it will not take long before their tireless mind and moving body starts looking for something else, they will get it and they will not know what to do with it again. And this will happen again and again.

2. Venus in Scorpio

People with Venus in Scorpio need to control their strong sense for what excites people - and also what gets on their nerves - because it is hard for others to resist. With such a supply of sexual tricks, they might think that they can make anyone do anything they want. On the other hand, however, it is likely that they will get caught in their own trap. Venus in Scorpio is about the Power of Love, and these people will eventually force others to do what they want, not vice versa. Their feelings of love are accompanied by a trace of desire, which means that there is something desperate and crucial in their life. They radiate strong sexual energy and they have a deep sense for the emotional state and sexuality of others.


You are charming and gracious, poetic in your self-expression, and usually very polite. This position brings refinement to the nature and an appreciation for the arts. You aim to balance and bring harmony to your world. You can be, at times, quite indecisive, as you tend to see everyone’s point of view, and can see value in almost any perspective or opinion. You have a strong sense of fairness.

You are very agreeable and enjoy socializing. Some with this aspect are a little on the lazy side, preferring to socialize than work.

You might intellectualize or rationalize your feelings, perhaps thinking a little too much about love and relationship to the point that you lose touch with how you truly feel. You might be attracted to, or attract, intellectual sorts as partners. If this conjunction is challenged, you might frequently attract partners who are tricky or conniving.

Many of you are talented at writing and/or speaking. You thoroughly enjoy the written and spoken word, literature, wordplay, puns, and enlightening conversations. Many with Mercury conjunct Venus in their charts are downright eloquent.

While most people like you, your ability to tune in to the person with whom you are currently speaking to is so strong that you might be accused of being two-faced or superficial. You might also choose your words carefully in order to avoid conflict, and others might not know how you truly feel as a result.

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