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Mars Direct – For Each Sign

MARS STATIONS DIRECT NOVEMBER 13-14, 2020, IN THE SIGN OF ARIES For the last couple of months, the planet of action and motivation has been in Retrograde. Mars turns Retrograde every 2 years and the effect is felt quite strongly. Scroll to your sign to see how this movement will affect you!

This year the “Shadow” of the retrograde began at the end of July, and will extend until January 2, 2021. Even so, the power of Mars stationing on November 13 and beginning to move forward will be felt by everyone. In January, you may feel an even stronger push as the red planet picks up his usual speed and pummels through your horoscope. At any rate, these effects will be around for a while.

During a Retrograde, planets focus their energies inward. In the case of Mars, the planet of action, things are not happening outwardly, but rather taking place on the inside. Mars has been working on your deeper layers, possibly causing some frustration because your plans for action have not materialized. Mars is asking you to look within, perhaps do some shadow work, but at the very least, asking you to look within yourself for answers. Also, Mars retrograde has been in Scorpio, the great detective, taking us into the inner depths of our soul. As Mars stations direct on November 13th , we will be able to better understand the work we have been doing. The inner work will soon be revealed. This new information will help each of us move ahead stronger. With its motivating energy, Mars will soon guide us towards our purpose. Mars brings a new burst of energy and we can finally move on from the stagnancy we have been feeling. We will be able to take the actions we need to take. If you had a project earlier this year that seemingly came to a halt, Mars’ inspiration will get it moving again.

Let’s look at how Mars will affect each sign.

For this forecast, focus on your Rising Sign as this will be the most accurate way to determine where Mars is affecting you. If you do not know your rising sign, of course, you can read your Sun Sign. If you would like a personal Astrological reading, you can book an appointment on the Book Now page.



Mars in the first house will bring a great deal of activity into your life, and grant you lots of energy to work hard at furthering your own interests and assert yourself among others. You can really show the world what you can do now and will likely make a good impression on others. You will be much more of a Fighter at this time (so if you are normally quite feisty, you may want to temper yourself a bit). You will not allow anyone to put one over on you. Your physical energy will be quite high.

Be aware of other people’s feelings at this time. Part of what you were probably working on during the Retrograde was to understand the emotions of other people. You tend to be very focused on yourself, so don’t forget to think about what others are going through. You may have a difficult time in all your relationships otherwise and may even risk damaging a relationship or two.



This may be a difficult time for you, Taurus. Possibly frustrating when it seems you are not being given credit for things that you do. You will likely feel irritable and uneasy during this transit. Twelfth House energies are unconscious energies, making it all too easy for you to send signals that are misconstrued. Also, the 12th is the House of Secret Enemies, so you will not be made aware of these misconstrued signals, even by your best friends. Mars in the 12 House is the time for you to confront yourself about your motives and the various unconscious actions you exhibit that may be sabotaging your efforts to get ahead or lead the way.

Work alone as much as possible, Or work in a social service field where helping others is the primary requisite. Get your ego out of the way so that these energies in your personality from the 12th house do not erase the good work you can do.



Gemini, you will be actively pursuing and formulating your goals with an eye towards the future. Your ideas about tomorrow will be motivating you during this transit. The Eleventh House focus is all about Groups, Friends, Hopes and Wishes. So Team action is everything right now. Try to tamp down any ego conflicts you are feeling. The Mars energy may make you feel like YOU alone are the answer, but keep in mind that the Larger Group Effort is usually involved with making real change. The challenge for you is to align your personal goals with that of the greater whole, the larger body of humanity, so that means finding the right people or organization to work with so that this becomes a productive time.

Physical activity with Friends and Groups is also good for you now, in fact, anything you do with a Group that involves positive work will be successful, as long as you keep your ego in check or just take pride in the accomplishments of the whole. Remember that you will get recognition of a job well done, when the job IS done, if that helps you keep your ego satisfied. The kudos will come, and take pride also, in kudos for the Group.



Lucky Cancer. Mars is very happy in the 10th House. Positive energy will be aimed at your ambition. So, what do you need to look out for? Well, other people’s needs for one thing. If you can work on something solo, you will be better off. But if you are in a situation where you must work with others, please be careful to be tolerant of others. Your impulse will not be in that direction.

You may also be in actual conflict with authority figures at this time, so you may want to keep your head down if you are involved with a team project. Keep your ear to the ground, Cancer. Don’t become a threat to those you need to work with. Try to either lay low when it comes to team projects or do your own thing.

Your biggest problem right now, is that you will try to identify yourself by the work and achievement you accomplish on a project. So, if that is true, you will Steamroll over others in order to take credit and push your own ideas. Rather, you should look back on the inner work that was undoubtedly done during the Mars retrograde and remember the lessons learned. Otherwise, you will create a bad reputation as a power hungry ego hound when that really isn’t your Raison D’Etre.

If you can keep your cool and not be a total spotlight hog, you can make great progress toward your goals with this transit.



Mars in the 9th house will bring lots of energy to your creative intellectual work and as a result, cause you to convey your experience and view of the world to others. You will defend and support these views strenuously to whoever will listen. This can be wonderful if you need to influence and impress others, but if you are beating them over the head with your opinions, you will come across as a blowhard. The issue here is that you identify your ego with these beliefs which is not true. You are inherently valuable because you are a child of the Universe, regardless of what you believe. However, when you link your ego and beliefs, it appears that everyone who doesn't agree with you is either stupid or an enemy. Forcing your beliefs on people is not valuable and may create conflict where there does not need to be one.

Put your energy into expanding your mind for yourself. Usually Mars in the 9th house would speak of conflicts with travel and court cases, so be sure to stay away from these activities if possible.



Mars’ transit through the 8th house for you, Virgo, can be either very obvious or very subtle. There may be a confrontation or situation with another person which will force a transformation of some kind in you. There may be disagreement on jointly held resources or values (with your spouse most likely) or the two of you may use your resources foolishly causing a huge outburst of conflict. Also, it is not a very good time to try to obtain a loan of any kind. Ego conflicts are likely to cause problems.

While this is also the house for Sex, you, like Libra, may resort to Sexual release to avoid dealing with issues, which may bring about a transformation as well. Either way, you will experience some sort of transformation during this transit which may seem forced upon you rather than something that you seek.



Libra will feel a tension in their life during Mars’ stay in the house for relationships. There could be conflicts with partners unless the energy is used for creative purposes. One on one conflicts are usual with this transit, but the energy can be channeled in positive ways. Just realize that partners and Open enemies are all involved with this house, so find something fun to do with your partner.

Because the nature of Mars is self assertive and self focused, it may be difficult for you to compromise and back down once you take a position. If you can use this time to work through Partnership issues and really listen to your Partner it can be a very productive time. Otherwise, if you allow conflict to rule the day, it may be very uncomfortable for the Libran nature. Of course, if you find yourself in a heated argument with your spouse, you can always resort to working it out with sex, but the more cerebral approach of talking things through would be even more beneficial to the relationship.



Your energy for work and healthy routines seems to be boundless now. You will throw all your energies into getting things done in these regards. although you may be very competitive about it, you will get a lot done and will not be shy about letting others know how much you’ve accomplished.

You may chafe at the idea that you are doing the work for someone else or you may run into conflict with your employer about going rogue. So for that reason, find a way to use this energy for your own purposes. Perhaps clean out the basement or the garage, rather than start a new professional project. Take care of yourself at this time, 6th house transits of Mars can bring infections, fevers or accidents. Start running or working out so that those energies all have a good release.



You may feel like you’ve been released from the starting gate of a racetrack once Mars goes direct. You are filled with Energy and want to declare “I Am!” You will not be especially inclined towards discipline or taking a back seat to others, however, opportunities for conflict are plenty so if you want to compete or fight you will have plenty of partners. Much better for you to exert your energies in playful or sporting activities. You are very competitive now, but try not to take things too seriously. Your Desire for a new relationship may also be running high with an emphasis on sexual gratification. Those with children may find themselves in conflict with them as well.



Your deep subconscious may be triggered and feel like it has been awakened from a deep sleep. Coupled with the recent Mercury station you may be feeling as if you’ve just been startled awake like Rumpelstiltskin. Deep yearnings or realizations may come to the surface making you feel a little out of sorts with yourself. This can make you irritable with those closest to you and you may feel like you must be alone with your thoughts.

There may also be a great deal of activity in and around the home at this time. If you find yourself arguing with family members you’ll know why. The problem with feeling so connected with one’s home and at the same time having a tremendous amount of activity there is that one may feel threatened or out of sorts. Try to keep conflicts to a minimum. Career issues may have you feeling that you can do nothing right or that others are blocking your every move. Keep a low profile for the next couple of months until this transit is out of the way.



The tempo of daily life will quicken and your energies will be in high gear. There may be conflicts with neighbors or relatives or persons who you come in contact with on a daily basis. Your ideas and opinions are your calling card at this time and you may be argumentative. Don’t argue for argument sake, no one is threatening your identity, it’s just that you are a little sensitive and prickly when it comes to your opinions and ideas You may even try to bully others into parroting your beliefs. Be careful of minor accidents during this time. Keep in mind that an overly aggressive Mars energy is one of deficiency. You will come across as one who is actually insecure about your beliefs. All kinds of communications now are at risk of becoming too vigorous and taking on a defiant tone. Conversely, your powers of persuasion can be quite strong right now, as long as you avoid attacking with your words. Think about how you are communicating and choose your words carefully. There is great power in this kind of restraint.



As Mars turns direct, you will be inclined to identify yourself with what you own. Try not to allow your financial position to determine your self worth. Your self esteem can plummet if you are currently unemployed or experiencing a lack of cash flow. Consequently, you may be making impulsive purchases now in an effort to soothe your ego. You may also be trying to force your values on other people.

The best thing about this transit for you, Pisces, is that you will use your own resources to get things done. This is the way to see yourself through this transit. Look at your current resources and try to use them to help others, or at least share those resources with others. It will make you feel useful and therefore, valuable. Try to remember that you are a Child of the Universe and very valuable in your own right regardless of what you own. There is nothing wrong with sharing your beliefs with others, just don’t shove them down people’s throats.

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