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August 2022 Astrology

July 28 – August 27

August energy begins with the New Moon in Leo on July 28, when Jupiter stations retrograde for her long vacation. The planets are all lining up for Summer Vacation Mode, but not everyone is playing nice.

A month of ups and downs with many of the larger planets in retrograde. By month’s end all of the giants will be sleeping in retrograde which is a blessing because if they were all in direct motion there would be a much more volatile atmosphere.


  • Mercury enters Virgo 8/5

  • Venus enters Leo 8/12

  • Mars enters Gemini 8/21

  • Sun enters Virgo 8/24

  • Mercury enters Libra 8/27

  • Jupiter retrograde all month

  • Saturn retrograde all month

  • Uranus stations retrograde 8/24 @ 18° 55’ Taurus

  • Neptune retrograde all month

  • Pluto retrograde all month


Final Days of July

In the final week of July, we have the New Moon on July 28th. Planets during this interval stirring up every anxiety you have ever felt. Moon trine Saturn, Square Neptune, it makes it hard to understand the reality of what’s going on. Venus in touchy Cancer doesn’t help matters, and Jupiter in Aries continues to give loud-mouths a reason to speak. Not helpful. Emotions run amuck while the Moon triggers each little configuration on its’ way around the Zodiac. Venus Jupiter in square pour out overblown emotions, Mercury square mars triggers toxic people to scheme and plot. There is no shortage of Power Games and jealousy happening here as the Moon opposes Pluto. So this New Moon at the end of July is really quite Toxic.

As the moon passes through Virgo it will form a grand Trine with Pluto and Uranus which is an opportunity for visionary thinking, but the Venus Saturn opposition sort of the lets the wind out of that one. Call up Liz Cheney and tell her not to craft her new speeches for Congress until after Labor Day. IOW the energy is better for visualization rather than the manifestation.


Mercury will square Mars and Uranus and at some point the Moon will trigger it causing people to lose all reason and act impulsively to suite their own whims. Unfortunately, that Saturn in Aquarius is in opposition to the Moon in Leo, so no healing balm there. Maybe stay indoors and pretend you still have to calm down your pets from the fireworks.

Mars will conjunct Uranus tightly for the first week of August and may still be felt for another week. Remember the combo of Mars and Uranus energy will make everything feel a little too quick, like you can’t remember what’s really happening and it will also have a tendency towards aggressive even violent behavior. So keep the matches and sharp objects far away from each other and from idle hands.

Throughout the month the planets highlight the duality we find ourselves in on this planet as the old Patriarchy lashes out in spasms of Male Power dominance as that paradigm dies a slow and excruciating death.

Just before the Full Moon there will be a Grand Cross between the Moon in Scorpio, the Sun in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. So tensions will continue to cause more and more friction between the Political Left and Right.

August 11 – Full Moon in Aquarius

Around the time of the Full Moon we will have Pluto trine Uranus conjunct Mars and the North Node. All in Earth. This means we will be sitting with the consequences of our actions, building up tension over the loss of personal freedoms, personal rights and actions versus our own feelings of destiny. It may be rather volatile and we may see protestors or even riots during this Full Moon.

The Moon will conjunct Saturn and square Uranus and Mars in Taurus creating a T Square that builds this tension even further. When the energy has nowhere to go it creates anxiety (also a holdover from the New Moon anxiety energy) which isn’t great; but the alternative is out and out explosions and/or violence, so I’ll take anxiety.

These planets challenge our personal freedoms and our own thoughts about what we deserve and how we will stand up for ourselves or how to set boundaries. Because most of us have some kind of a boundary issue, this will come under scrutiny during the Full Moon.

Pluto is a slow mover to begin with. Uranus has slowed down to a crawl in anticipation of its retrograde on 8/24 right before the next New Moon, so this trine will stay in place for quite a while (Pluto trine Uranus conjunct Mars and the North Node). Mars will move on, but probably not before some damage has been done. There is power here and perhaps an opportunity for more damage even explosive power at one’s disposal. This is when we will see many people leaving toxic relationships or groups where toxic individuals are running the show.


By the weekend energy is flowing much easier but this may just give individuals the impetus to make their break and leave the bad blood behind. Many relationships (not necessarily romantic ones, but more like Memberships and friendships) will meet their demise during this weird cocktail of planets in late Summer.

By Mid-month we have a series of spicy aspects that are probably best played out while on a vacation. August 19th when Venus Trines Jupiter you could have a really terrific Date Night.

Throughout the month the Key is really Uranus.

Uranus will be triggered by the Moon, Mercury, and Mars all while holding in a Trine to Pluto. Every trigger will most likely bring very dramatic events. It could result in extreme weather or protests or violence. Just stay tuned.

Once the Sun moves into Virgo on August 24, things sober up considerably. Work, Productivity and Efficiency come into sharp focus. This final week has many aspects contributing to high creativity. Moon Trine Neptune and Jupiter, Sextile Uranus, Mercury & Mars, and conjunct Venus. So many highly creative aspects all in a big lineup.


This New Moon is accompanied with Mercury entering Libra a calming influence to be sure. But there are also planets that return to the more anxiety, stressful, Look over your shoulder type of energy.

Planets cool down and settle into Work Mode as the Moon conjuncts Mercury and trines Mars. Energy is once again flowing in a more or less “normal” circuit. With all the retrograde planets, we can expect a period not too dramatically punctuated with violence or explosive weather.

So that’s it for the Month of August.

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